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May Pang’s Photographic Journey with John Lennon: A Personal Exhibition

Capturing Candid Moments with Lennon: May Pang’s Photographic Exhibit Visits Nashville

May Pang, a key figure in rock history, brings her unique photographic collection to Nashville, showcasing candid snapshots of her life with John Lennon. Currently on display at Bennett Galleries, these images offer a personal glimpse into the world of the famous musician. Captured in the mid-70s, these photographs were simply personal mementos stored under Pang’s bed for decades, now revealed to the public.

From Personal Keepsakes to Historical Artifacts

The photographs, taken during Pang’s 18-month relationship with Lennon, were casual shots meant to capture moments rather than create staged scenes. One notable photo shows Lennon casually interacting at Disney World, unnoticed by the crowd. These images not only document their personal life but also significant events like the last informal jam session between Lennon and Paul McCartney, and the momentous signing of the Beatles’ dissolution papers.

Legacy and Exhibition Details

Fifty years since her relationship with Lennon and 43 years after his death, Pang has decided to tour these pictures across the country. The exhibition, titled “The Lost Weekend – The Photography of May Pang,” allows visitors to see Lennon through Pang’s eyes, revealing a side of him that’s rarely seen by the public. The exhibition, which also coincides with the digital release of a documentary about their relationship, offers a rare, intimate perspective on Lennon’s personal life, captured through the lens of someone who knew him closely. The photographs are available for viewing and purchase during the three-day event at Bennett Galleries, providing a poignant reminder of Lennon’s personal happiness and the intimate moments shared with Pang.