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Viral Video: Man Performs Life-Threatening Stunt Hanging from Moving Car

A video depicting a man hanging precariously from the door of a moving car has gone viral on Instagram, capturing a potentially life-threatening stunt that garnered significant attention on social media platforms. The footage, which showcases the man clinging to the car door using plastic as the vehicle moves, portrays him seemingly enjoying the risky act. Additionally, the driver of the car even engages in the stunt by exchanging a high five with the daring individual, while another passenger in the back seat appears entertained by the spectacle.

The video, originally shared by Sumit Dubey on Instagram, has amassed nearly 90 million views and over two million likes since it was posted a week ago. This viral sensation serves as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with such reckless behavior, echoing a recent incident in Bengaluru where social media users criticized a video showing a boy standing on the footrest of a moving scooter, supported only by a woman with one hand, amidst the bustling streets of Whitefield, the city’s IT hub.

The concerning footage shared by Whitefield Rising on X prompted a cautionary message urging against such perilous acts, emphasizing the potential risks and consequences involved. The post underscored the importance of responsible parenting and highlighted the inherent dangers posed by engaging in such hazardous activities in public spaces.