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Honoring Bubba: Community Sponsors Dog Adoption Fees in Loving Tribute

POSEY COUNTY, Indiana (WFIE) – Friends and acquaintances of Wayne ‘Bubba’ Frisby have come together to commemorate his life in a special manner after a tragic car accident that occurred two weeks ago.

The accident took place on March 21st at around 7 a.m. on East Blackford Road, ultimately leading to Frisby’s passing due to the severe injuries sustained.

Reflecting on their time together, Bubba’s wife, Laura Frisby, expressed, “The 19 years we were together were the most wonderful years of my life.”

Laura vividly recalls the moment she received the news of Bubba’s accident and hurried to the hospital, fearing the worst. She shared, “Upon arrival, I was ushered into a quiet room, which immediately made me apprehensive. I clung to the hope that he would pull through.”

The extent of Bubba’s injuries, as conveyed by the doctor, left Laura with the heartbreaking decision to bid farewell to her beloved partner. Yet, before his passing, he was able to offer one final act of generosity by donating one of his kidneys, potentially saving a life.

“He was always eager to help others,” Laura fondly remembered. “Even in his final moments, he remained true to his compassionate nature.”

Since his untimely demise, Laura and their pets have been grappling with the absence of a cherished figure in their lives. The dogs, in particular, used to eagerly await his return home, accompanying him in the yard as he went about his day.

Among Bubba’s aspirations was a fervent desire to win the lottery and use the winnings to assist shelter animals. Laura reminisced, “His dream was to acquire land, rescue dogs from shelters, and ensure they received proper care. Whether through adoption or simply ensuring they received attention and care, he wanted to make a difference in their lives.”

In a touching tribute to Bubba’s memory, ten individuals came forward to cover the adoption fees of ten dogs at a shelter in Mount Vernon.

Expressing her gratitude, Laura remarked, “I believe this act truly honors his spirit. It warms my heart to think of the loving homes these dogs will now find.”

The legacy of love and altruism that Bubba embodied lives on through initiatives like this. Dubbed ‘Love Like Bubba,’ the movement aims to inspire others to demonstrate the same level of compassion that Bubba exemplified during his time on earth.

“I am deeply appreciative of everyone who has supported us. Words cannot convey the magnitude of their kindness,” Laura expressed emotionally. “I pledge to continue spreading love, just like Bubba did.”

The attached Facebook post from the shelter showcases the animals whose adoption fees have been graciously covered in memory of Bubba.

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