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Embrace an Open-Door Lifestyle for a Fulfilling Existence

I graduated from high school in 2020, a year marked by masks, empty store shelves, and the transition to virtual classes. This period was characterized by uncertainty and a sense of the unknown. I cannot pinpoint the exact moment when I concluded my virtual classes and began preparing for my college venture in a different state. However, what remains vivid in my memory are the feelings of anxiety, fear, nerves, and perhaps even a hint of excitement.

I express this mix of emotions with a hint of confusion because those familiar with me are aware of my tendency to worry excessively about uncertain outcomes. The only instance where I managed to suppress this fear was when I departed from my familiar life in Wisconsin to pursue my studies at Purdue University, embracing the unfamiliar with open arms.

A Familiar Journey

Embarking on this new chapter with Indiana Prairie Farmer, I am struck by a sense of déjà vu. Once again, I find myself stepping into the unknown, yet this time, the excitement outweighs any apprehension. Unlike before, I do not feel entirely unprepared for what lies ahead.

Tom Bechman has served as a mentor, unveiling the unique essence of Indiana agriculture and guiding me on navigating the dynamic agricultural landscape. Additionally, Mark Tucker, my agricultural communication professor at Purdue, has provided support and encouragement, easing my fear of the uncertain. The Farm Progress community has warmly embraced me, erasing the notion of the unknown.

Above all, the people of Indiana have dispelled my apprehensions and made me feel at home. I am immensely grateful for the enriching conversations and connections forged during my brief tenure in the state. These experiences have reshaped my perspective, fueling my eagerness to continue learning and evolving in my newfound home.

Embracing Uncertainty

Reflecting on my transition to Purdue, where as the salutatorian, I crafted a commencement speech for our virtual graduation ceremony, I recall gazing at our pasture, observing the playful antics of my goat kids. It was then that a profound realization struck me: Life should be approached as if the gate were left wide open. Just like our livestock eagerly venture through an open gate, unaware of their destination, we too should embrace life’s uncertainties with enthusiasm.

This message resonates even more strongly now as I embark on this new endeavor, mirroring the sentiments I shared with my classmates as we dispersed in different directions, bidding farewell to the familiarity of our childhood. The prospect of this new adventure, shrouded in uncertainty, fills me with anticipation and a sense of wonder.

If the path ahead unfolds anything like my experiences in Indiana over the past few years, I am devoid of apprehension. Surrounded by the talented, vibrant, and hospitable individuals I have encountered in this state, I am confident that I am in capable hands, ready to embrace whatever the future holds.