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Lift for Life Triumphs in Third Quarter Blitz to Secure State Title Against Park Hills Central

Celebrating Victory and Unity at Mizzou Arena

In an unforgettable evening at Mizzou Arena, Lift for Life’s senior forward Paige Fowler rushed into the stands, sparking the first wave of celebrations. The Class 4 girls basketball state championship saw Lift for Life clinch a decisive 75-57 victory over Park Hills Central, marking a joyous occasion for both the players and the fans. This victory was not just a testament to their skill but also a moment of deep connection with their supportive peers from the boys’ basketball team, highlighting a unique bond within the school.

A Historical Win Driven by Team Spirit

Lift for Life has quickly become a powerhouse in girls’ basketball, securing their second state championship since their varsity inception in 2013. Under the guidance of Coach Chantell Polk, who also took on coaching duties for the boys’ team, a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual support has been fostered. This unity was visibly on display as the boys cheered passionately, playing a pivotal role in boosting the girls’ morale throughout their championship journey.

A Third Quarter to Remember

The turning point came in the third quarter when Lift for Life unleashed an 18-point run in just over two minutes, transforming a narrow lead into a dominant 56-36 advantage. This explosive performance was a result of meticulous preparation and strategic encouragement from Coach Polk, who knew how to ignite her team’s competitive spirit at the crucial moment. Contributions came from across the team, with every starter adding significantly to the scoreboard, demonstrating the depth and balance of this championship-winning squad.