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Fulfilling Community Needs: Life’s Hope Extends Support Beyond County Borders

Through national collaborations, a local humanitarian relief organization receives semi-truck shipments of food and dry goods multiple times each month, which are then distributed throughout the county.

Life’s Hope recently sponsored the Duncan Chamber of Commerce’s monthly breakfast, where representatives discussed the organization’s county-wide service initiatives and involvement in disaster relief efforts.

The primary goal of Life’s Hope is to address global humanitarian needs while also supporting local communities. Over the past few months, they have supplied various nonprofits and schools with essential items from their local distribution network.

Brent Justus, a member of Life’s Hope Inc. based in Duncan, highlighted the organization’s partnerships with three key entities: Feed the Children from Oklahoma City, Convoy of Hope from Springfield, Missouri, and For Good Community from Kentucky.

According to Justus, Feed the Children dispatches two to four semi loads per month, each containing a diverse range of eight to ten items. These shipments are swiftly distributed among different groups such as schools, churches, and nonprofits.

In addition to food provisions, For Good Community contributes Amazon semi loads, with a significant portion comprising unused or returned items. Each semi typically carries 32-34 pallets valued between \(300,000 to \)500,000.

During their visits to schools, Life’s Hope ensures that children receive both personal gifts and items to share with others, fostering a spirit of generosity among the youth.

Looking ahead, Life’s Hope plans to visit various schools in Duncan, including Duncan Middle School this month and Duncan High School next month, along with stops at Empire, Central, and Bray schools.

Justus emphasized the organization’s urgent need for a three-quarter ton diesel truck to support their disaster relief efforts and the acquisition of a 30,000-50,000 square foot facility to facilitate their operations effectively.

Expressing gratitude towards their partners, Tilley Trucking and Heritage Rentals, Justus revealed that Life’s Hope allocated $7.5 million to community assistance programs last year.

In a city update, Councilwoman and Vice Mayor Patty Wininger reported on the success of the recent Community Planning Forum, highlighting the valuable input received from Duncan residents regarding future development plans.

Wininger also mentioned ongoing efforts to finalize the construction of a new fire station at Camelback and Highway 81, as well as the completion of renovations at the Chestnut fire station, which will house a baby box for safe infant surrender.

Moreover, the city secured a CDBG matching grant for road construction, focusing on improving the infrastructure of the oldest roads in southeast Duncan.