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Recognition Achieved by Tammy Siefke in Life Skills Program

During the recent BOE meeting, Superintendent Joseph Siefke of the Lisbon Exempted Village School District unveiled the Blue Devil Share Shoppe at David Anderson Jr. Sr. High School. This innovative program provides students with access to essential items like clothing, toiletries, and food by using “Devil Dollars.” Additionally, the Share Shoppe includes a fully equipped kitchen with new appliances to enhance students’ life skills training. The ribbon-cutting ceremony featured a heartfelt tribute to Superintendent Siefke’s late wife, Tammy Siefke, by the life skills students.

Expressing their appreciation, the students thanked Maintenance Supervisor Roger Tullis, Superintendent Siefke, and the school board for their unwavering support in bringing the Share Shoppe to fruition and upgrading the life skills room. They presented Superintendent Siefke with a special plaque in honor of his wife, recognizing her enduring influence on their lives. Furthermore, the students extended their gratitude to the board for investing in the Share Shoppe and the improved life skills room, which has allowed them to expand their culinary abilities and showcase their culinary creations.

During the ceremony, the students conducted guided tours of the facilities and treated attendees to a delectable meal featuring turkey and ham sliders, fresh vegetables with dip, apple crisp, and homemade ice cream. Additionally, the school board acknowledged the students’ hard work and dedication by presenting them with certificates of appreciation.

Melissa Walton, an intervention specialist, emphasized the Shoppe’s role in meeting students’ specific needs, such as offering professional attire for interviews through the “Dress to Impress” section. She praised students Timothy Kuttler and Jayden Godfrey for their dedication to maintaining the kitchen, where they not only prepare meals but also acquire essential life skills like interpreting pay stubs and calculating sales tax.

Superintendent Siefke underscored that the establishment of the life skills room had been a longstanding objective shared with Special Education Director Lynne Beech. The initiative aims to equip students with vital life skills essential for their future pursuits. The community’s generous support and contributions to the Share Shoppe have been pivotal to its success.

In other developments, the board gratefully accepted a donation of $625 from Eells-Leggett-Stauffer Funeral Home for an athletic department record board commemorating Logan Stauffer, Lisbon’s first 1,000-yard receiver. The meeting also involved approvals for upcoming educational excursions and the issuance of classified contracts to various staff members to ensure the smooth functioning of school activities.

The next Lisbon Exempted Village Board of Education meeting is set for May 23 at 5 p.m., where additional initiatives and progress will be deliberated.