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‘Life Has Changed’ – Sinsamut Opens Up About The Joys And Challenges Of Becoming A Father

On May 3 in U.S. primetime, the Thai knockout artist will battle hard-hitting in a pivotal lightweight Muay Thai clash at .

That much-anticipated showdown in Bangkok represents Sinsamut’s opportunity to earn his third straight win and perhaps secure another crack at the ONE Lightweight Muay Thai World Title.

It’s also his chance to bring home a victory to his growing family. In February, “Aquaman’s” wife gave birth to their first child – a healthy little girl named Sunday Klinmee.

Sinsamut spoke to about his first several weeks as a dad:

“I just had the opportunity to become a father for the first time. I feel happy that my child is healthy. I’m thankful for her to be born into this world.

“Sometimes, I find it hard to raise her properly. I still need to adapt and understand many things about the child’s nature.”

As any new parent can attest, raising an infant is no easy task.

For an elite professional athlete like Sinsamut, it’s been particularly challenging. While he relishes every opportunity to slow down and appreciate tender moments with his daughter, he also finds himself pulled to training as he prepares for another world-class opponent:

“After having a child, it feels like time has passed very quickly. Especially when raising children, I felt like it passed in the blink of an eye. I try not to change my way of life too much, but I can’t.

“Because I have a duty to train at the same time, it makes me hardly have time to rest. Life has changed quite a lot since I’ve become a parent.”

With the birth of his daughter, the 28-year-old’s priorities have shifted.

He still works hard in the training room, doing everything he can to score another highlight-reel knockout on the global stage. But instead of pursuing international fame and acclaim for his own personal gratification, Sinsamut is driven to succeed for his family, first and foremost.

Whatever happens at ONE Fight Night 22 and afterward, he’s confident that he’ll remain grounded and steady in his devotion to his wife and daughter:

“Everything I do these days is entirely for the family. Of course, I want it to come out as perfect as possible. But in the end, life is uncertain. There will be ups and downs.

“I can’t say what the future will be like. But no matter what, I will do my best to provide the best for my family.”

How Sinsamut’s Wife Supports His Dreams

Beyond the stresses of fatherhood, Sinsamut Klinmee is facing an incredibly tough test in Dmitry Menshikov on May 3.

Both men are former ONE Lightweight Muay Thai World Title challengers, while Menshikov has scored two straight first-round knockouts to establish himself as perhaps the division’s most dangerous puncher.

In preparation for the Russian phenom, “Aquaman” has kept his loved ones at the forefront of his mind:

“Right now, I still put family as the first priority. As for fighting or pursuing my dreams, I can keep them as secondary matters. Basically, I want to take care of my family as well as I can first.”

Defeating Menshikov would be massive for Sinsamut and his family, as he could potentially earn a shot at freshly crowned ONE Lightweight Muay Thai World Champion .

Given the high stakes of this matchup, Sinsamut admits that his wife has taken on extra child-rearing duties to allow for more time to train and prepare properly.

The Thai added:

“We try to allocate my time as perfectly as possible. When I have a training camp, I will not be able to help my wife to take care of our daughter as fully as I used to.

“My wife understands it well. She was ready to let me go all out into fighting and pursue my dreams. And she always comes to watch me fight on the stage. She also devoted her time to sleep to take care of our child at night alone, so I can train and rest fully.”