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Overcoming Life-Changing Injuries: Hailey Wakley’s Flawless Victory

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Competing at the highest level and striving for success are common goals among athletes in various sports.

In a remarkable feat, local bowler Hailey Wakley recently joined an elite group by achieving a perfect game at the Twin Falls Bowladrome, becoming only the third female to do so in the past 18 years.

Despite the pressure of the moment and the crowd’s anticipation, Wakley remained composed and focused. As the 11th frame unfolded, the significance of the opportunity became clear to both her and the spectators.

With precision and skill, she delivered the final strike, securing a perfect score of 300 and creating a lasting memory of her accomplishment.

Reflecting on her performance, Wakley shared, “My 12th ball was probably the best I threw out of that whole game. I got the strike and then boom 300. I knew that I was a good bowler and that proved to everyone that I am. A lot of people can’t do what I did so it’s a huge achievement for me.”

Participating in a youth league at the Bowladrome every Saturday, Wakley humorously mentioned that she now has a new bragging right to share with her friends. She quipped, “I’ll have to tell my friends they can talk to me when they get a 300.”

Wakley’s journey to this milestone was not without challenges. Following a traumatic incident in elementary school where she was attacked by dogs, doctors initially doubted her ability to walk or run due to the severity of her injuries. However, Wakley defied the odds, persevered through adversity, and eventually found solace and success in bowling.

Having clinched the 2023 Idaho High School state title with Kimberly High School, Wakley also had the joy of celebrating her achievement with her father Trevor, who accomplished a perfect game less than a week after her.

Her passion for bowling was nurtured from a young age, as she fondly recalled spending time with her father at the bowling alley during her elementary school years. “I would go to his work every day after school and follow him around everywhere he went. It’s something that’s been around me all my life,” Wakley shared.

Currently homeschooled, Wakley is set to graduate high school ahead of schedule and is preparing to represent Twin Falls High School in bowling next year, showcasing her resilience, dedication, and unwavering spirit that continue to inspire those around her.

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