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Licking Heights High School: Paving Career Pathways at Local Job Fair

At Licking Heights High School, a space typically reserved for sports and assemblies transformed into a dynamic career discovery zone. On March 19, the auxiliary gym hosted the Career Xpress event, attracting over 40 companies and educational institutions aimed at guiding juniors through their post-graduation planning.

Principal Dawn McCloud was enthusiastic about the career event, noting the crucial interactions between students and potential future employers or educators. She underscored the importance of introducing students to tangible career and educational pathways that could shape their professional lives.

The job fair featured a diverse lineup of participants, from global corporations like Google, Abercrombie & Fitch, and FedEx, to local entities like the Southwest Licking Community Water and Sewer District and Licking Memorial Health Systems. The event included a keynote by Emily Smith of Intel Ohio, various hands-on sessions with employers, and a closing speech by Eric Heis of Illuminate USA, all designed to motivate and inform students.

Supported by OhioMeansJobs of Licking County, the event also celebrated a significant $2.2 million grant from the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce. This funding will initiate the New Heights Program, focused on training students in skills for high-demand jobs showcased at the fair.

Beyond preparing for careers, Licking Heights High emphasizes college readiness. The school provides an extensive array of Advanced Placement courses and participates in the College Credit Plus program, enabling students to earn college credits during high school. Many students even graduate with an associate degree from local colleges due to their accumulated credits.

Recently, the school facilitated a College Application Blitz, assisting students across Licking County to apply to nearly 50 colleges in a single session. Principal McCloud commended the school’s counselors for their dedication to giving students a comprehensive perspective on their educational and professional futures, including college tours and informative sessions with industry experts. This holistic approach ensures students are well-equipped for life after high school.