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Establishing Colorado as a Pioneer for Sustainable Living

This past Friday, a multitude of individuals advocating for the sanctity of life gathered at the state Capitol in Denver for the inaugural [ppp1]. Their exuberant expressions, voices, and demonstration filled me with optimism that Colorado is progressing towards a shift from being known as a stronghold for abortion to becoming a champion for life.

Those in favor of abortion rights regard Colorado as the epitome of abortion advocacy for valid reasons. In 2022, the state solidified the [ppp2] at any phase of pregnancy. More recently, Colorado’s partisan leaders designated Jan. 22 as “Roe v. Wade” day. Furthermore, there have been efforts to restrict the promotion of pro-life organizations in the state, organizations that daily rescue lives and effectively aid women in surmounting challenges such as homelessness, addiction, and abuse.

While Colorado’s legislation currently prohibits the use of public funds for abortions, there are distressing endeavors by radical pro-abortion proponents to embed [ppp3] in the state constitution. If this amendment is approved, it would authorize the use of public funds for abortions by enshrining an absolute “right” to abortion in the constitution. This would permit abortions at any stage of pregnancy without constraints or safety precautions to safeguard women, lacking supervision, regulation, or even the accreditation of providers, and without any provisions for parental rights—measures that no other nation in the world condones.

As a certified OB/GYN and former abortion provider, I am troubled by these initiatives that exploit women and children for financial gain.

During my OB-GYN residency, I received training in abortion procedures. However, a distressing incident during an abortion procedure opened my eyes to the stark reality that abortion tragically terminates a human life—in contravention of the Hippocratic Oath I had sworn to uphold. Additionally, throughout my years in the medical field, I have not encountered a single patient who did not rue her decision to undergo an abortion. In fact, many endure profound sorrow and trauma (My encounters align with studies indicating that over 60% of women reported significant levels of coercion or pressure into unwanted abortions).

Regrettably, Colorado’s existing abortion laws and assaults on pregnancy resource centers, including impeding women’s access to opt for safe, bioidentical progesterone to reverse chemical abortions, obscure the truth about the ramifications of abortion, its adverse effects on women, and ultimately, how pregnancy resource centers can provide assistance. Nonetheless, the residents of Colorado can rectify our trajectory by familiarizing themselves with the specifics of this proposed initiative and by taking a firm stance against transforming our state into an abortion hub that subsequently leaves women to contend with complications or aftercare in their home states.

Fortunately, the American Association of Pro-Life (AAPLOG) OB-GYNs, an organization of which I am a board member, is dedicated to shedding light on policies that uphold life and extending support to women in Colorado. Following the state March for Life, we established the inaugural state chapter of AAPLOG in Colorado. We aim to serve as a resource for lawmakers and medical practitioners, offering guidance and backing to all healthcare professionals committed to upholding the Hippocratic Oath, safeguarding life, and respecting women.

This form of advocacy is what the women and children of Colorado truly deserve—not the deceitful narratives propagated by the abortion industry.

Just recently, a multitude of pro-life advocates congregated on the streets of Denver to bear witness to this truth. Their cheerful advocacy and demonstration served as a beacon of hope and illumination in a state overshadowed by abortion extremism.

Moreover, they provided a comforting reassurance to mothers in Colorado who have undergone abortions and to any mother grappling with a challenging decision, assuring them that the pro-life movement stands prepared to support and accompany them every step of the way.

Catherine J. Wheeler, M.D., is a board-certified OB/GYN who practiced for 24 years in Utah and now resides in Colorado.