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34 Clever Spring Products to Simplify Your Life

Popular items on this list include:

  • A for relieving irritation from bug bites and bee stings.
  • Indoor.
  • A countertop.

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1. A weed puller with a long handle to avoid bending down

This family-owned small business creates products that simplify gardening, weeding, or land harvesting. Review: “I absolutely adore this tool. My husband and I purchased our first house and had no clue about yard care. This tool made it so much easier. We had a ton of weeds in the front yard, and this tool helped me remove most of them quickly. Weeding is not exactly fun, but this tool made it almost enjoyable!” —

2. A bug bite suction tool featured on Shark Tank

Review: “As someone who attracts all kinds of bug bites, I always carry topical treatments with me. I decided to try this product, and it worked wonders on a bug bite I got on my arm. After using it as instructed, the itchiness stopped immediately! Less than 24 hours later, the bite was completely gone! A faint red mark was left from using the tool, but it was a small price to pay. It’s truly amazing. I carry it everywhere now!” —

3. A four-in-one soil moisture and pH meter

Review: “I’m thrilled with this meter. It’s simple to use and provides accurate readings. I regret not purchasing it sooner. Living in the Arizona desert, I often overwater my potted plants in the summer, leading to some casualties. With this meter, I can assess the moisture levels and nutrient requirements of all my potted plants accurately. It’s a game-changer!” —

4. An after-shave treatment roll-on for preventing ingrown hairs

This woman-owned small business specializes in skincare products addressing overlooked beauty concerns.

Review: “I adore everything from Megababe, and this product is no exception! It swiftly eliminated shaving irritation, and the red bumps vanished within 24 hours.” —

5. A no-scrub shower cleaner that rinses away dirt effortlessly

Review: “I struggled to remove a stubborn gray ring in my shower until I tried the Wet and Forget Shower Spray. I applied it generously, and to my amazement, the grime effortlessly washed away. This product is truly a game-changer! Highly effective and no harsh fumes.” —

6. Four effective fruit fly traps

Review: “A lifesaver! After trying multiple products to combat a fruit fly infestation, this one worked like magic! I am incredibly grateful for its effectiveness.” —

7. A reusable pet hair remover

Review: “I have a cat with long hair, and during spring, there is an abundance of hair on my rug and couch. Sticky strips didn’t work well, but this tool exceeded my expectations. It not only picked up and stored the hair but also kept working until all the hair was removed. I am extremely satisfied with this product and give it a 5-star rating.” —

8. A waterproof portable solar panel

Review: “I’ve been using this for a few months now, and it delivers as promised. It’s a worthwhile investment for charging phones and battery packs on the go. The portability is a huge plus. I highly recommend it.” —

9. A portable solar-powered light

Review: “These lights are fantastic. I can charge my iPhone 5S from 14% to 100% in about an hour. The light quality is excellent, providing a bright, warm flood without the cool blue LED look. They are lightweight and have replaced all my camping lanterns. Highly recommended!” —

10. A portable pimple patch dispenser

Review: “No more struggling with packaging individual patches. This dispenser is convenient and easy to use. The patches are effective, and I will definitely repurchase in the future.” —

11. A laptop shade from SunShader

Review: “This shade effectively blocks the sun and stays securely in place. It’s lightweight and compact when folded, making it easy to transport. A perfect fit for my MacBook Air, providing complete sun protection. A great product!” —

12. Shadey Attachments / Etsy

A phone shade from a small business based in the UK, available in seven colors.

Review: “I can’t use my phone in the sun without this shade now! It took a moment to figure out, but once I did, it was amazing to have my face shaded while using my phone. The best sun accessory ever!” —

13. Two grime-absorbing sponges for pools and hot tubs

Review: “I recently tried this product in my hot tub, and within just 12 hours, it eliminated all the oil and filth present. The water not only looks clearer but also smells better. Highly recommended!” —

14. A set of three handheld cup slicers

Review: “This fruit slicer has become an essential tool in my kitchen. It’s a time-saving wonder, effortlessly transforming fruits into uniform slices. A game-changer for meal preparation!” —

15. A portable Stanley pour-over set

“I purchased this for making coffee while camping or during power outages at home. It exceeded my expectations!” —

16. A pack of three sweat-absorbing bra liners

“I wish I had discovered these liners earlier. They have effectively solved my under-boob sweat issue. The bamboo/cotton mix is gentle on the skin, providing much-needed comfort.” —

17. A Yonanas soft serve maker

Review: “I was skeptical at first, but this soft serve maker turned out to be the best decision I made. It produces creamy, delicious fruit ice cream. Easy to clean and use, I highly recommend it.” —

18. A cooler light for enhanced visibility

Review: “This cooler light is a game-changer! It provides bright illumination, making it easy to locate items in the cooler. The motion activation feature is convenient and energy-efficient. A fantastic purchase!” —

19. A pair of magnetic barbecue lights

Review: “These grill lights are exactly what I needed! They offer strong magnetic hold and adjustable lighting direction. Easy to store and highly recommended.” —

20. A pack of 12 nontoxic sticky window fly traps

Review: “These fly traps are incredibly effective. They are easy to install and odorless, trapping bugs efficiently.” —

21. A water-resistant sand-sifting mat

Review: “This mat was a game-changer during my camping trip. It effectively prevented sand from entering the tent and provided a clean, sand-free area for various activities. Highly recommended!” —

22. A stainless-steel Owala water bottle

Review: “This water bottle is a standout product. It prevents leaks, keeps beverages cold, and offers a great drinking experience. The design and functionality are exceptional.” —

23. A garbage guard to deter bugs and odors

Review: “This garbage guard is a lifesaver! It effectively keeps flies and odors at bay, making a significant difference in my trash can hygiene.” —

24. A pack of 100 dissolvable antibacterial soap sheets

Review: “These soap sheets are a convenient and eco-friendly alternative. They lather well, leaving hands clean and refreshed. A great product for on-the-go hand washing.” —

25. A pack of 30 aluminum-free deodorant wipes

Review: “These deodorant wipes are a game-changer. They effectively combat odor without irritating the skin. A must-have product that keeps my underarms fresh and dry.” —

26. A flexible adjustable mister for cooling

Review: “This mister works exactly as described, providing a cool mist that enhances outdoor comfort. Easy to set up and use, it’s a fantastic addition to any outdoor space.” —

27. A refillable roll-on sponge sunscreen applicator

Review: “This sunscreen applicator is a game-changer for applying sunscreen quickly and easily. A must-have for ensuring sun protection, especially for children.” —

28. A sinus rinse bottle for nasal health

Review: “I love the practical design of this rinse bottle. It’s easy to use and clean, providing relief from congestion and allergens. An essential product for nasal hygiene.” —

29. A lightweight self-inflating lounge chair

Review: “This lounge chair is surprisingly easy to inflate and offers comfortable seating. The included stakes provide stability, making it perfect for outdoor relaxation.” —

30. A pack of 50 insect repellent wipes

Review: “These wipes effectively repel bugs without any strong scent. Perfect for outdoor activities, I highly recommend them.” —

31. Sephora Isle of Paradise self-tanning drops

Review: “These self-tanning drops provide a natural sun-kissed glow. Easy to mix with moisturizer, they offer a streak-free application. A must-have for a radiant complexion.” —

32. Protective heel caps for outdoor events

Review: “These heel caps are a lifesaver for outdoor occasions. They prevent sinking in grass and provide stability on various surfaces. Highly recommended for maintaining elegant footwear.” —

33. A false eyelash applicator for easy use

Review: “This applicator is a game-changer for applying false lashes quickly and effortlessly. A must-have tool for flawless lash application.” —

34. A pack of 32 SPF-sensing stickers for sunscreen reapplication

Review: “These stickers are a visual reminder to reapply sunscreen. They are essential for ensuring sun protection, especially for children. Highly recommended for outdoor activities.” —