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Trenton’s First Legal Cannabis Dispensary: Moja Life’s Transition to Legitimacy

TRENTON — John Dockery’s life has undergone a significant transformation. Formerly engaged in the illegal sale of marijuana in the Capital City, he is now finalizing the preparations for Moja Life, Trenton’s inaugural legal cannabis dispensary located on South Warren Street.

Reflecting on his transition from illicit sales to a licensed establishment, Dockery acknowledged the challenges, stating, “A lot of people here know me from the legacy side, I sold cannabis here for 20 years. It’s rough, I’d be a liar if I said it was easy, it is rough. But a lot of the same things that apply there, apply here.” Despite the difficulties, Dockery attributes his successful shift to the support of a diverse team, ranging from legal advisors to close friends.

As the CEO and Founder of Moja Life, Dockery emphasized the value of his legacy knowledge in the cannabis industry, describing himself as a cannabis connoisseur. He expressed confidence in discerning the quality of the product, a skill honed over years of experience. This personal touch, he believes, sets Moja Life apart from corporate-owned dispensaries, fostering a sense of community and respect among customers.

In an effort to differentiate his dispensary, Dockery highlighted the familial atmosphere and cultural ethos of Moja Life, emphasizing a deep-rooted connection to Trenton. He expressed pride in pioneering the way for legal cannabis businesses in the area, defying initial skepticism to realize his vision.

Originally intending to collaborate with a Colorado-based company for the Warren St. dispensary, Dockery ultimately opted to establish Moja Life independently, symbolizing unity and the pursuit of a fulfilling existence. With a commitment to community development, Dockery envisions his venture not only benefiting his brand but also revitalizing the local economy and attracting foot traffic to the burgeoning South Warren district.

Beyond the realm of cannabis, Dockery aspires to make a positive impact on Trenton’s social fabric, drawing on his upbringing in the city to forge connections with various community leaders and organizations. With plans to cultivate and sell his own line of cannabis products, Dockery aims to maintain high standards of quality and organic growth, addressing prevalent concerns about product quality in the industry.

Despite navigating the permit process at City Hall, Dockery remains steadfast in his mission to elevate Moja Life as a beacon of quality, community engagement, and entrepreneurial spirit in Trenton’s evolving landscape.