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Empowering Women in Lee County Through Life Coaching Services

FORT MYERS, Fla. — An author and life coach in Lee County is dedicated to empowering women through her initiative. Melanie Wilson is the founder of She’ll Rise, a community that originated as Rise, with a primary focus on supporting and coaching female entrepreneurs.

According to Wilson, “Rise symbolizes the concepts of restoring, igniting, strengthening, and empowering women.” With a background in counseling psychology and certifications in trauma-informed practices and cognitive behavioral therapy, Wilson’s scope of assistance has broadened beyond businesswomen. She now extends her guidance to women from diverse backgrounds, aiding them in navigating challenges, trauma, and emotional wounds.

Wilson emphasizes the significance of addressing the root causes of struggles to facilitate liberation. Her goal is to encourage women to embrace their authenticity boldly and occupy their space unapologetically. She believes in the transformative power of female mentorship, where one woman’s belief in another can catalyze personal growth and self-recognition. This ethos has fostered a supportive sisterhood among women who gather to empathize and uplift each other through life’s trials.

In a celebratory event scheduled in two weeks, Wilson will mark a decade of her mission, accompanied by 13 fellow female authors. The gathering aims to provide a platform for unity and empowerment, themed as a “pink out” occasion. Attendees can anticipate a positive and encouraging atmosphere that ignites a spark of inspiration within them.

Scheduled for March 14 at Suite 48 on Colonial Boulevard in Fort Myers, the event offers tickets available for purchase until March 7. For further details on engaging with She’ll Rise, interested individuals can explore Wilson’s website.