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Lee Bo-Young Must Uncover Her Husband’s Secret Life In ‘Hide’

imageSo far 2024 has presented viewers with quite a few Korean dramas about unhappy marriages—Marry My Husband, Queen of Tears and Queen of Divorce, to name a few. The mystery thriller Hide, starring Lee Bo Young, Lee Moo-saeng, Lee Chung-ah and Lee Min-jae, can be added to the list. When the drama begins Lee Bo-young’s character, Na Moon-young, is happily married or so she thinks. Her husband Cha Sung-jae, played by Lee Moo Saeng, works at the same law firm. He’s supportive, kind and a devoted dad to their daughter. Then one day he disappears on his way to a trial.

Moon-young can’t understand why the husband she knows would just disappear, but she quickly discovers that she didn’t really know her husband. She learns he’s involved in a murky case that features some questionable characters, who salso eem to be very eager to find him. His disappearance is troubling enough but then she discovers that their law firm is about to go bankrupt, a financial situation he never shared. When she reports her husband missing, the police aren’t that helpful, but she can’t find him fast enough for the people who hired him. Moon-young will have to learn more of her husband’s secrets if she wants to find out what happened to him. The well-paced plot twists and turns its way through unexpected developments.

Moon-young is the kind of role Lee Bo-young is really good at, a woman who is not easily intimidated while pursuing the truth. There’s a delicacy about the actress that makes her determined characters seem even more heroic, prompting concern for her safety even as viewers applaud her pursuit of justice. Lee Bo-young previously played an attorney who refused to be intimidated in I Can See Your Voice, a mom in search of her lost child in Gods’s Gift: Missing 14 Days, and a woman who rescues an abused child, then must live on the run, in the drama Mother.

Lee Chung-ah plays Ha Yeon-joo, Moon-young’s helpful neighbor, who perhaps has a darker side. Her various dramas include My Dearest, Celebrity, One Dollar Lawyer, Awaken and VIP. Cha Moo-saeng appeared in Gyeongsang Creature, Maestra: Strings of Truth, The Glory, Thirty-Nine and The World of the Married. This year he can also be seen in the upcoming series Blood Free.

Lee Min-jae plays Do Jin-woo, who Moon-young is first introduced to as a witness. At first he seems suspicious, often showing up wherever she is, but they might be trying to solve the same mystery. He previously appeared in Crash Course in Romance, Weak Hero Class 2, The Golden Spoon and Cheer-Up. Director Kim Dong-hwi previously directed The Tale of Nokdu and Fight For My Way.

Hide is based on the Welsh TV series Keeping Faith, which won three BAFTA awards. The series also had a French remake, titled Gloria. The Korean version premiered on JTBC and can currently be seen on in the U.S.