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Elevating Teammates: Auburn Recruit Jolie Adams Draws Strength from Support System

This is the kind of season that senior outfielder Jolie Adams from Lake Central had envisioned. The puzzle pieces are falling into place for Adams and the Indians, who have held the top spot in the Class 4A state coaches poll for the last two weeks.

Adams expressed, “I’ve never felt more prepared than I do now. This team is the most ready we’ve ever been collectively. I have complete trust in every teammate on the field. Whether I perform exceptionally well or have a tough game, I know they’ll support me. This group is special, and it’s a fantastic way to conclude my time here.”

An Auburn commit and highly regarded recruit, Adams maintained a .364 batting average following Lake Central’s 4-2 victory over Crown Point in a Duneland Athletic Conference matchup. Reflecting on the game, Adams stated, “This win is significant for us. It’s one of the matchups we eagerly anticipate each season. The competition is tough, and it was a true team effort. We collaborated effectively.”

Sophomore right fielder, who smashed a home run, commended the synergy between her and Adams in the outfield. She mentioned, “She’s not only physically talented but has also been a great mental support for me. Transitioning from being primarily a shortstop to playing in the outfield was challenging, and she guided me on positioning and decision-making. Her positive attitude is truly inspiring.”

Adams’ focus this season has been on leadership and mentorship. She emphasized, “Building strong relationships with my teammates was a priority for me this year. We welcomed a talented freshman pitcher, and I felt responsible for supporting and guiding her. Establishing a bond with my teammates, both on and off the field, is crucial for trust and unity.”

Coach Yvette Tovar highlighted Adams’ role as the outfield captain, praising her consistency and leadership. Tovar remarked, “Jolie has been exceptional throughout her three years with us, and she’s excelling in her final season. She’s a reliable leader, and the team has immense faith in her abilities.”

Despite their high rankings, Adams emphasized the team’s grounded approach. She noted, “Being ranked at the top motivates us, but we stay level-headed. Every opponent gives their best against us, so we reciprocate with our best performance every time, regardless of our ranking.”

Adams, supported by her elder sister, has overcome challenges to reach this point. Reflecting on her journey, she shared, “I’ve been with my sister for a decade now, seeking better opportunities and education. She has been a constant support in my life, guiding me through my softball endeavors.”

Looking ahead, Adams is determined to lead Lake Central to success in the postseason. She affirmed, “Our team is fully prepared and focused on our goals. We are determined to put in the work required to achieve our objectives.”