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New Exhibition Unveils Royal Honor Bestowed Upon L. Ron Hubbard by Sultan Tomas Cabili Jr.

L. Ron Hubbard is renowned in the Philippines for his spiritual and humanitarian guidance

On April 9, 2024, in Los Angeles, California, the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition proudly unveils a new permanent exhibit showcasing the royal presentation of the titles of Datu and a Kris sword, bestowed by HRH Sultan Tomas Cabili Jr. and HRH Sultana Remedios Pastor of Mindanao, Philippines, in commemoration of Mr. Hubbard’s birthday.

The title of Datu holds significance among indigenous communities in the Philippines, particularly in the Muslim regions of Mindanao and Sulu, as well as Palawan. The Kris sword, a symbol of power and heroism, is a key element of the Datu ceremony.

Sultan Cabili bestowed the honorary title on March 13, 2024, at the Polo Club in Manila, emphasizing Mr. Hubbard’s immense contributions to humanity and his transcendent legacy. He expressed, “L. Ron Hubbard’s impact knows no bounds, and it is my privilege to honor him with the title of Datu in acknowledgment of his extraordinary accomplishments.”

Introduced to Mr. Hubbard’s teachings through a peace initiative featuring The Way to Happiness, Sultan Cabili witnessed the positive influence of this moral code on law enforcement and military personnel across the Philippines. By embracing the principles outlined in the booklet, officers learned to respect diverse cultures and collaborate effectively with different communities, fostering harmony and understanding.

After the ceremony in Manila, HRH Sultan Tomas Cabili Jr. and HRH Sultana Remedios Pastor journeyed to Hollywood to present the decree and Kris sword to the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition on Hollywood Boulevard.

Ms. Chelsea Garcia, the director of the exhibition, expressed gratitude for the royal bestowal, highlighting Mr. Hubbard’s global impact and enduring legacy. She emphasized his deep connections to the Philippines and the profound influence of its culture on his spiritual journey, culminating in the establishment of the Scientology religion.

The L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition invites visitors to explore the life and works of this enigmatic figure, offering a glimpse into his diverse talents and adventures across 29 different fields. Recognized with the Hollywood Legacy Award in 1995, the exhibition stands out for its singular focus on one individual, showcasing artifacts from Mr. Hubbard’s travels, accolades, and informative films on his philosophy and humanitarian initiatives.

Located near the iconic Hollywood and Vine intersection at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, the exhibition welcomes guests for tours by appointment between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. Contact via email or call (323) 960-3511 to schedule a visit.

In a photo caption, HRH Sultan Tomas Cabili Jr. and HRH Sultana Remedios Pastor present a Kris sword, part of the honorary title bestowed upon Mr. Hubbard, to the director of the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition in Hollywood, California, and a representative of The Way to Happiness Foundation.