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Jeff Bezos Reveals his Chilling Vision of Future Human Existence

Jeff Bezos Envisions a Future with Trillions of Humans Living in Space

You might recognize Jeff Bezos, 60, as the founder and executive chairman of Amazon, but back in 2000, he also founded the aerospace manufacturing company, Blue Origin.

For those unfamiliar with Blue Origin, the company is currently producing four rocket engines and is the second provider for NASA’s successful Artemis program.

In 2021, Bezos himself embarked on an 11-minute journey to suborbital space aboard his rocket ship, New Shepard, an experience he later described as the ‘best day ever’.

Since then, Blue Origin has sent another 30 individuals into space, including Star Trek actor William Shatner and Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan.

In a recent interview on Lex Fridman’s popular podcast, Bezos shared his futuristic vision for humanity.

When asked about his hopes for humanity’s future in space hundreds and thousands of years from now, Bezos expressed his desire to see a trillion humans inhabiting the solar system.

He envisioned a future where the solar system is teeming with life, intelligence, and energy, with the capacity to support a civilization of that scale using the available resources.

Bezos emphasized the need to construct massive space stations, citing the limitations of planetary surfaces and the advantages of placing habitats in strategic locations.

He proposed utilizing materials from near-Earth objects and the asteroid belt to build vast colonies where people could reside.

While acknowledging that most individuals may initially prefer to remain near Earth, Bezos highlighted the freedom of choice between living in space or on planetary surfaces in the future.

The podcast excerpt featuring Bezos’ ambitious ideas has sparked discussions on social media platforms, with varying opinions on the feasibility and implications of space habitation.

As Bezos continues to advocate for space exploration and colonization, his vision of a trillion-strong human presence in the solar system raises intriguing questions about the future of humanity beyond Earth.

To delve deeper into Jeff Bezos’ insights, you can tune in to the full conversation on the Lex Fridman Podcast.