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Celebrating Jay Cimino: A Legacy of Leadership and Community Service

Jay Cimino: A Life of Dedication and Service

Today, the Pikes Peak community, along with many throughout Colorado, gather to remember Gerald “Jay” Cimino, a man who selflessly placed God, country, family, and community at the forefront of his life. Jay Cimino passed away at his home on February 24, at the venerable age of 87, leaving behind a legacy of benevolence and leadership that transcends traditional roles. Unlike many leaders who rise through the ranks by election, Cimino exemplified how natural attributes like intelligence and integrity can define leadership.

A Pillar of the Colorado Community

Born in Trinidad, Colorado, Jay Cimino was a proud graduate of Holy Trinity Parochial School and the University of Denver, where he consistently made the Dean’s list. His professional journey led him to Phil Long Ford, where his leadership as General Manager helped elevate the dealership to national prominence. Recognized for his contributions to the automotive industry, Cimino was honored with numerous accolades, including the Colorado Auto Dealer of the Year and induction into several halls of fame. His professional success, however, was just one aspect of his multifaceted impact.

Beyond Business: A Legacy of Compassion and Support

Jay Cimino’s commitment to his community extended well beyond his business endeavors. He was instrumental in founding the Marion House, which provides essential services to those in need in Colorado Springs. His philanthropy didn’t stop there; Cimino was also pivotal in developing recreational and educational facilities across Colorado, significantly enhancing youth development. His passion for supporting veterans materialized through the Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, which offers comprehensive services to help veterans and their families. These initiatives exemplify how Cimino’s generosity and vision have left an indelible mark on his community.

Jay Cimino’s life story is one of extraordinary dedication not just to personal success, but to the welfare of others. His legacy is a powerful reminder of the profound impact one individual can have on their community and is an inspiring blueprint for future generations. His enduring smile and legacy will continue to inspire those who seek to make a positive difference in the world.