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Rare Glimpse into Jameela Jamil’s Life with James Blake

The presenter, aged 38, and the singer, aged 35, commenced their relationship in 2015 and typically maintain a low profile regarding their romance.

Recently, she provided a comprehensive glimpse into her daily schedule, which involves indulging in plenty of cake, coffee, and gossip, culminating in the evening with her “clinging to James’s bum.”

Jameela resides with her partner James, two roommates, and their two dogs, Barold and Winnie.

Describing her morning routine, Jameela mentioned, “I wake up at 8 am, James prepares the coffee, and we engage in bed chats and gossip. My day must kick off with laughter, coffee, and a slice of cake.”

Jameela Jamil has given a rare insight into her life with James Blake in hilarious ‘life in the day feature’ in the Sunday Times Magazine

The presenter, 38, has given a detailed insight into her daily routine which includes lots of cake, coffee and gossip, and ending the day ‘clinging to James’s bum’

Reflecting on her past struggles with anorexia spanning two decades, she shared, “My initial thought used to be: ‘Don’t eat any cake today.’ It’s empowering to now anticipate it. Our roommates, two guys I befriended at 19, may join us. It’s not a big deal, just to clarify.”

Jameela highlighted that she has the flexibility to work at her discretion, predominantly from home, benefiting from a “luxurious position” of not having children.

Following work hours, the couple typically embarks on an hour-long stroll, followed by James preparing an Italian meal for them.

She elaborated, “Post-dinner, we unwind by watching TV. I often doze off, then awaken, deny it, and play mind games with James for half an hour. I’d prefer confessing to a crime. At night, he swiftly falls asleep while I ponder ways to prolong my dogs’ lives indefinitely.

“We snuggle under three weighted blankets, and I engage in a phone game to distract myself from the world’s woes. I drift off to sleep like a koala, clinging to James’s backside.”

Jameela confessed her aversion to attending work-related gatherings due to her ‘social anxiety’ but makes an effort to accompany James to most of his performances.

Jameela and the singer, 35, started dating back in 2015 and generally keep their romance out of the spotlight

After work, the couple typically go on a one-hour long walk, before James cooks them an Italian meal

Originally from London, Jameela relocated to the United States in 2016, where she has resided since then.

Speculations about Jameela and James dating arose after they shared an affectionate snapshot during her birthday celebration in February 2015.

Several months after their initial Instagram post together, the couple seemingly confirmed their relationship as they made a public appearance at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

In 2019, years after unveiling their romance, the duo graced the red carpet for the first time at the InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globes afterparty.

While the couple seldom discuss their relationship publicly, Jameela shared insights on the lessons she has learned from James over the years during an appearance on Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete podcast.

She expressed, “My partner taught me to advocate for myself. He has been a significant influence. I now comprehend the concept of white male privilege. I’ve been with him for four years … I decided to approach life as he does.

She added: ‘We sleep under three weighted blankets and I play a game on my phone to help me stop thinking about how terrible the world is. I fall asleep like a monkey on a branch, clinging to James’s bum.’

“If he doesn’t fuss over his appearance before a magazine interview, then neither will I. He dedicates five minutes to grooming, and so do I.”

In a separate interview with Dazed magazine, James opened up about how his girlfriend has inspired him to express his emotions more openly.

“It’s liberating now to express my feelings openly. I credit this change to meeting my girlfriend, where there was no room for pretense. She is candid in her communication.

“It was like, ‘Tell me what’s on your mind. Share your emotions.’ In my daily life, I wasn’t encouraged to hide behind metaphors or prolonged silences without explaining my thoughts.”