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The Lavish Lifestyle of Xabi Alonso Beyond the Field

  • Alonso emerges as a top figure in football following Bayer Leverkusen’s groundbreaking championship victory
  • The Spanish enthusiast has a penchant for classic automobiles and timepieces, and has a fond memory of spending time in Ireland
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After the fervor had subsided, the mastermind behind it all managed to carve out some time for his family.

He shared an Instagram snapshot alongside his wife Nagore and their three children – Jontxu, Ane, and Emma, all beaming in the Leverkusen locker room.

Captioned as ‘My Team’ with a heart emoji, this gesture from the Spanish coach expressed gratitude for his family’s unwavering support during what has undeniably been a historic yet immensely demanding season for the German club.

On Sunday, Alonso steered Leverkusen to their inaugural title, with the possibility of clinching the German Cup and the UEFA trophies still looming.

Xabi Alonso poses with wife Nagore and their three children Jontxu, Ane and Emma after Bayer Leverkusen won an historic Bundesliga title last weekend

Wife Nagore Aranburu was a teenage sweetheart and the couple married in 2009

Alonso pictured with Juan Mata at an IWC Schaffhausen watch launch in Geneva in 2016

What truly sets Alonso’s team apart is their flawless record this season, having not faced a single defeat so far.

His accomplished and stylish wife, Nagore, has dabbled in modeling, acting, and fashion design.

The pair, who were high school sweethearts, crossed paths when Alonso was part of his hometown club Real Sociedad in the Basque region.

Tying the knot in 2009 coincided with Alonso’s transition from Liverpool to Real Madrid. During his stint in Merseyside, Nagore worked at a hotel reception, leading to a comical anecdote involving his teammate Peter Crouch.

Reflecting on his Liverpool days, Crouch humorously recounted an incident where he mistook Nagore for a hotel staff member, only to discover she was Xabi Alonso’s partner, much to his teammates’ amusement.

Alonso’s love of vintage cars is well-known with the Spaniard teaming up with Porsche Design

Peter Crouch mistook Nagore’s politeness for affection when he encountered her working as a receptionist at the Hope Street Hotel when he played for Liverpool

Nagore has followed Xabi’s football career around Europe as both as a player and a coach

The latest stop-off is Leverkusen, where Alonso has already written his name into history

Nagore and their three children have been steadfast companions throughout Xabi’s journey from San Sebastián to Liverpool, Madrid, Munich, and back to the Basque Country, where he embarked on his coaching career with Sociedad.

Choosing Leverkusen over rumored links to Liverpool and Bayern, Alonso is set to guide the team in the upcoming Champions League season.

His linguistic skills in English trace back to a sojourn in Kells, County Meath, Ireland, at the age of 16.

Recalling his time in Ireland, Alonso reminisced about his stay with the O’Brien family and his introduction to Gaelic football at Kells Celtic, an experience he found exhilarating yet physically demanding.

During a school exchange visit to Ireland aged 16, Alonso watched a Meath Gaelic Football match and remains a fan of the team

Alonso behind the wheel of a classic Porsche in a photoshoot - he was nicknamed James Bond by the media in Spain

Alonso plays air guitar in the Bayern Munich Christmas Circus Gala in 2015

While in Meath, Alonso attended a GAA match and developed a fondness for the local team.

Before making his mark in Sociedad’s first team, Alonso contemplated pursuing an engineering degree and even considered a career in economics.

Known for his elegant midfield prowess, which still shines on the Leverkusen training grounds, Alonso exudes sophistication both on and off the field.

His collaboration with Adidas and Porsche Design earned him the moniker ‘James Bond’ in the Spanish media, as he showcased his affinity for vintage cars.

At 42, Alonso possesses a Mercedes 190 SL convertible valued at up to £165,000, complemented by a collection of exquisite watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Franck Muller, Audemars Piguet, and Panerai.

Among his prized possessions is an IWC Ingenieur – a £10,500 gift from Nagore on their wedding day, symbolizing their deep connection and special moments shared.

Xabi and his wife on board a boat during one of their holidays away from football

Cycling was one way Alonso used to keep fit and active when a player for Bayern Munich

The football coach tries his hand at surfing in an Instagram picture

Alonso, averse to tattoos and piercings, prefers a minimalist approach to accessories, as he values the sentimental significance of each watch he owns.

While he shuns body art, glimpses of Alonso skiing and surfing on Instagram hint at a more adventurous side to his persona.

In the wake of Leverkusen’s historic triumph, Alonso stands out as a prominent figure in the realm of football.