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Innovative Health Initiative Delivers Essential Breast Cancer Screening in Costa Rica

Introduction to Beyond2020’s Initiative

The *Beyond2020* initiative, a cornerstone project of the UAE’s Zayed Sustainability Prize, is making strides in public health with the introduction of AI-enhanced mammography services in Costa Rica. This initiative is aimed at facilitating early breast cancer detection for women in economically disadvantaged communities, improving their chances for effective treatment and survival.

Expanding Access to Healthcare

Through the deployment of mobile mammography units, *Beyond2020* is breaking down barriers to access in remote areas of Costa Rica. The program, managed by CENRAD, has already provided screenings to 840 women in 13 different locations since its inception earlier this year. With plans to extend these services to more healthcare facilities, the initiative promises to conduct 8,000 annual tests, significantly advancing healthcare quality for many.

Collaboration and Impact

*Beyond2020* not only fosters better health outcomes but also strengthens international relationships, exemplified by the collaboration between the UAE and Costa Rica. The project aligns with the UAE’s commitment to global humanitarian efforts and the promotion of sustainable healthcare solutions, reflecting the enduring legacy of Sheikh Zayed’s vision for a healthier, more equitable world.

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