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Enhancing Service Member Well-being: Commencement of Construction on SOUTHCOM’s Fresh Military Housing Complex

DORAL, Florida (February 9, 2024) – In close proximity to the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) headquarters, the process of clearing land and laying the foundation for a new military housing community is underway. This initiative aims to significantly enhance the living standards of service members and their families stationed at SOUTHCOM.

The ongoing developments at the location mark a pivotal moment in the establishment of this new military enclave—a 139-unit project that will stand as the first military housing endeavor in South Florida since the closure of residential units at Homestead Air Force Base following Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

The commencement of construction signifies tangible progress in a prolonged endeavor to offer affordable, secure, and high-quality housing for SOUTHCOM personnel.

Witnessing the inception of this much-needed housing development is a source of optimism for all involved, as expressed by Marine Maj. Gen. Scott Jackson, the Chief of Staff at SOUTHCOM. He remarked, “It’s truly uplifting to see this new community taking shape right across from our workplace each morning. After more than 8 years of planning, the commencement of construction is a significant step forward.”

The introduction of the new housing complex aims to ease the housing challenges faced by SOUTHCOM service members and their families relocating to the vibrant Miami area. This region has emerged as one of the most sought-after locations in the United States, accompanied by a surge in housing costs.

Furthermore, the complex is designed to address longstanding readiness issues by providing housing for key service members in close proximity to the SOUTHCOM headquarters.

Army Gen. Laura Richardson, the commander of SOUTHCOM, emphasized the necessity of developing affordable and permanent housing during the groundbreaking ceremony in early 2023, citing the escalating cost of living and housing expenses as primary drivers for this initiative.

The upcoming housing community is set to feature 139 modern units, including 60 apartment units catering to 120 unaccompanied service members, 24 duplexes, 48 townhouses, and seven single-family homes.

Situated on 51 acres of federal land transferred by the Federal Aviation Administration to the Army at no cost, the construction of the new housing is being carried out by Lendlease, an Army privatized housing partner. Once completed, Lendlease will oversee the operation and maintenance of the community.

The site development and preparation are slated for completion by January 2025, with the housing units being finalized in phases. Some housing units are expected to be available by the summer of 2026, and the entire housing project is projected to be finished by early 2027.

The SOUTHCOM housing endeavor aligns with the Department of Defense’s Military Housing Privatization Initiative, which aims to offer service members affordable and convenient housing near their duty stations.

Established in the mid-1990s, the initiative engages private sector housing partners through a competitive selection process, enabling them to invest in revitalizing existing housing or constructing new units. Subsequently, these partners operate and maintain the housing over a 50-year period, recovering their investments through rent collected in accordance with service members’ housing allowances.

SOUTHCOM, one of the nation’s six geographically focused unified commands, oversees U.S. defense and security cooperation with partner nations across the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Additionally, it manages U.S. military operations in the region.

The headquarters comprises over 1,200 military and civilian personnel from various U.S. military branches and federal agencies. Established in 1963 and originally based in Panama, the headquarters relocated to South Florida in 1997.


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