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Confronted by Car Prowler, South Hill Man Clings for Dear Life

South Hill, Washington — An investigation is underway by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office regarding an attempted car prowl incident in the South Hill neighborhood. The event, captured on Eric Smith’s ring camera on March 3, has gained attention for the harrowing moment when Smith narrowly avoided being struck by a vehicle in his own driveway.

Reflecting on the intense encounter, Smith recounted, “In that moment…as soon as the vehicle hit me, I was like ‘alright, hang on for dear life.’”

Before the dramatic escalation, Smith was alerted by a ring notification on his phone while inside his residence, indicating unauthorized activity near his truck. Without hesitation, he rushed outside to confront the intruder. Despite the suspect’s attempt to flee to a waiting car, Smith swiftly managed to subdue him.

Describing the unfolding events, Smith noted, “But as soon as I got my hands on the guy, I knew he was a young teenager.”

As the altercation ensued between Smith and the suspect, the vehicle on the street reversed its direction and headed menacingly towards Smith.

“And turned the vehicle towards me and…..and the rest happened,” Smith recalled.

The situation escalated further as the other suspect behind the wheel aimed the car directly at Smith in his driveway, causing him to land on the car’s hood. Remarkably, Smith was able to kick his truck’s door shut as the car collided with it, and he miraculously landed on his feet unscathed.

“I ended up landing on my feet and the next thing I know….I was like I gotta get the license plate,” Smith shared.

Despite the blurry image he captured of the license plate in his attempt to assist law enforcement, Smith commended the swift response of the police.

Surveying the damage to his truck, Smith lamented the need to replace both doors, foreseeing substantial costs even with insurance coverage. Nevertheless, he expressed gratitude that the outcome was not more severe.

“It could’ve been completely different and I could’ve been injured or even killed,” Smith acknowledged.

Believing the suspects to be teenagers, Smith pondered the potential consequences for them, questioning, “Is that really worth your future and possibly someone else coming out and shooting you?”

A spokesperson from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office informed KIRO 7 that a juvenile suspect recently apprehended in a neighboring jurisdiction may be linked to the case. Ongoing investigations aim to establish connections between the suspect and the attempted motor vehicle theft and assault incident.

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