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Balancing Act: Inside the Daily Routine of Maxx Crosby from the Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders’ Maxx Crosby, the edge rusher, leads a hectic life. Balancing fatherhood, daily training, podcast hosting, endorsements, and event appearances seems almost impossible within a day.

Despite the chaotic schedule, the All-Pro defensive end thrives. Crosby admitted to the press, “There really isn’t balance in the world that I live in right now. I mean, I’m obsessed. I do it every single day… That’s what it requires to be at the top and at an elite level consistently.” Crosby dedicates his time from 6 AM to 2 PM daily, even in the offseason starting in January. Once home, his focus shifts to fatherhood, following a consistent routine. Despite his involvement in various businesses, Crosby emphasizes the importance of sobriety in enabling his packed schedule.

He credits his tight-knit circle for providing unwavering support, allowing him to pursue greatness relentlessly. Crosby’s motivation stems from setting a standard for his family and future generations. Expressing his desire to transcend greatness and become a legend in the sport, Crosby remains driven by the aspiration to redefine the game.

Looking ahead, the NFL Draft is set to take place in Detroit, Michigan, on April 25-27, 2024, where the Las Vegas Raiders hold the No. 13 overall pick.