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Louise Thompson’s Transformation: A Courageous Journey Beyond Reality TV

For almost ten years, she was known as the vivacious party girl among celebrities.

However, her life took a drastic turn when she welcomed her son Leo, now two years old, with her fiancé Ryan Libbey in 2021.

During a three-year period, Louise, 34, also battled the autoimmune disease lupus.

Recently, Louise courageously shared details about her ongoing struggles,

This article explores how the resilient star’s life underwent a significant transformation.

For nearly a decade, Louise Thompson, 34 appeared on Made In Chelsea as the fun-loving party girl alongside famous faces Jamie Laing, Binky Felstead and Spencer Matthews

But her life dramatically turned upside down after she suffered a near-death experience when she gave birth to her son Leo, two, who she shares with fiancé Ryan Libbey, in 2021

Over the course of three years, Louise has since battled debilitating health conditions with the bowel condition ulcerative colitis as well as the autoimmune disease lupus

And on Tuesday Louise bravely disclosed her latest battle, revealing she had to have a stoma bag fitted which ‘saved her life’

Her Journey on Made In Chelsea

Louise made her debut on the popular show in 2011 and bid farewell in 2019 after an eight-year stint,

Known for her tumultuous relationships and social escapades, the reality star navigated through numerous conflicts during her time on the series.

Reflecting on her departure, Louise expressed to MailOnline her mixed feelings about reality TV, highlighting her decision to step back alongside her partner Ryan and brother Sam during a challenging period.

Her brother Sam Thompson, who later triumphed in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here in 2023, also featured on the show.

Louise’s relationship with Ryan blossomed after he became her personal trainer and later joined the cast in 2016.

Notorious for her tumultuous romance with Spencer Matthews, Louise faced public heartbreak on the show, culminating in a memorable confrontation where Spencer admitted to infidelity.

Following her split from Spencer, Louise dated another co-star, Andy Jordan, before finding lasting love with Ryan.

Louise first joined the hit reality TV show in 2011 and quit in 2019 after eight years, admitting the series often left her ‘deflated’ (pictured in 2011)

The reality star was embroiled in many rows with friends and boyfriends and enjoyed many nights out while on the show (pictured in 2018)

Her brother Sam Thompson, who won I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here in 2023, was also a cast member in the show

Louise’s fiancé Ryan joined the show in 2016 after they struck up a relationship when sheemployed him as her personal trainer and got engaged in 2018

The MIC star famously dated Spencer Matthews, who is now happily married to Vogue Williams, while on the show and had a fair share of infamous rows

In 2013, Spencer and Louise had a very explosive breakup scene, one of the most memorable moments on the Channel 4 show

Struggles with PTSD Post Childbirth

Louise has been candid about her health battles, particularly after giving birth to her son Leo.

After enduring severe complications post-delivery, including a month-long ICU stay, Louise grappled with PTSD and post-natal anxiety, recounting moments of emotional distress in early 2022.

Despite managing her anxiety and physical ailments, such as Ulcerative Colitis, Louise remains resilient, emphasizing the importance of moving forward and maintaining hope for the future.

Reflecting on the challenges she faced, Louise shared poignant insights on resilience and the transformative power of perseverance.

Louise has been extremely open about her debilitating health issues after she nearly died while giving birth in 2021 (pictured with fiancé Ryan (left), son Leo (middle), brother Sam Thompson (top centre) and Sam’s girlfriend Zara McDermott (centre right)

The former Made In Chelsea star spent a month in intensive care with ‘serious complications’ after welcoming her son Leo

She suffered with extreme PTSD and post-natal anxiety due to the near-death experience, admitting during one week in January 2022 that she cried up to 20 times

Louise is yet to reveal the actual cause and complication which lead to her nearly dying

The reality star announced last month she is releasing a book, Lucky, where she will tell the story of the near-death experience

Managing Chronic Health Conditions

Louise’s health journey took a difficult turn as she battled worsening symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis, a condition diagnosed in 2018.

Struggling with severe complications, including significant blood loss while on holiday, Louise’s resilience was tested as she coped with the chronic nature of her condition.

Despite enduring excruciating pain and multiple hospital visits, Louise remained determined to navigate through the ups and downs of her health struggles, emphasizing the importance of resilience and forward momentum.

She remained optimistic about the future, determined to embrace the challenges ahead with courage and perseverance.

Louise was rushed to hospital in January after losing ‘cups of blood’ due to Ulcerative Colitis while on holiday in Antigua with Leo and Ryan

Understanding Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is believed to be an autoimmune disorder where the immune system mistakenly attacks the colon’s tissues, leading to inflammation and ulcer formation.

With a significant number of individuals affected by this condition in the UK, the impact of Ulcerative Colitis can be profound, especially among young adults.

The condition’s prevalence varies among different ethnic groups, with treatments aimed at managing symptoms and improving quality of life for those diagnosed.



Louise insisted that most people would have been in A&E on day one with her symptoms, however she had become ‘too used’ to her chronic condition

Embracing Life with a Stoma Bag

Louise recently shared her journey of undergoing a life-saving stoma bag placement following years of battling Ulcerative Colitis.

In a candid post, Louise bravely revealed her stoma bag, emphasizing the significance of this life-altering decision in her health journey.

Acknowledging the challenges and adjustments that come with a stoma bag, Louise’s openness and courage in sharing her experience resonated with her online community.

Encouraging support and understanding, Louise highlighted the transformative impact of this medical intervention on her well-being.

Louise revealed on Tuesday how she had to have a ‘life-saving’ stoma bag fitted after years of suffering from ulcerative colitis following her diagnosis in 2018.

She shared the news with her Instagram followers, bravely admitting it is ‘not something she wanted to hide forever’

Understanding Stoma Procedures

A stoma serves as a vital surgical intervention to redirect bodily waste when normal bowel function is compromised.

With various types of stoma procedures available, each tailored to specific medical needs, individuals undergoing these surgeries experience unique adjustments and care requirements.

The procedure’s impact on daily life and overall health underscores the importance of education and support for those navigating life with a stoma.

A stoma is a surgically-created opening made on the abdomen, which is made to divert the flow of urine and faeces. Stock image used

Types Of Stoma


Involving the colon, a colostomy creates an opening to divert stool, typically functioning at a regulated frequency.


Focusing on the small intestine, an ileostomy reroutes waste with a looser consistency, necessitating specialized care and management.


Primarily for urine diversion, a urostomy involves redirecting urinary flow through a surgically-created passageway, accompanied by specific care requirements.

By shedding light on these stoma variations, individuals can gain a better understanding of the diverse stoma procedures and their impact on daily living.