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Netflix’s Blockbuster Series Unveils Chilling Real-Life Murder

One of the producers involved in the series met a tragic fate before its debut on the streaming platform

Hailing from the minds behind Game of Thrones, Netflix’s latest offering was destined to pique interest, but a real-life tragedy casts a shadow over its production.

After the divisive conclusion of their previous venture, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, in collaboration with Alexander Woo, present a new sci-fi [TV series].

Named 3 Body Problem, the show unravels a tale involving a circle of companions entangled in a mystery rooted in the era of the Cultural Revolution.

Upon its premiere on March 21, 3 Body Problem swiftly ascended to the pinnacle of Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows chart, maintaining its supremacy as viewers laud its [qualities].

However, prior to its [streaming debut], a key figure involved in shepherding it to fruition met a tragic end.

Lin Qi, a prominent entrepreneur, embarked on a partnership with Netflix and the show’s creators, but in 2020, he fell victim to a fatal assault in Shanghai.

3 Body Problem flew to Netflix’s top spot.


At the age of 39, Lin was fatally attacked by Xu Yao, a former executive aged 43 who had previously served at Lin’s gaming enterprise, Youzu Interactive.

His demise followed Lin’s substantial investments in procuring copyrights and licenses linked to The Three-Body Problem novel, envisioning a tapestry of shows and TV productions.

In 2017, he enlisted Xu as legal counsel to oversee a subsidiary known as The Three-Body Universe. However, as per The New York Times, Xu faced demotion and salary reduction attributed to purported subpar performance.

Reportedly, Xu proceeded to establish a laboratory where he conducted experiments with toxins acquired from illicit online sources, conducting trials on animals.

Xu was sentenced to death for his crime.

Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court

Drawing inspiration from Breaking Bad, Xu purportedly utilized the substances to contaminate beverages that he brought to his workplace after animal testing.

Subsequently, Xu was apprehended on December 18, 2020, yet he declined to disclose the specific poison employed, impeding medical professionals’ attempts to salvage Lin’s life.

Reflecting on the tragic incident, Benioff conveyed to The Hollywood Reporter: “It was undeniably unsettling. In this industry, you anticipate various challenges, but poisoning by a colleague is not typically one of them.”

In March, Xu received a death sentence for his reprehensible deeds, characterized by the court as ‘extremely abhorrent’.