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High Cost of Living Surprises Many New Immigrants in Canada, Poll Reveals

Financial Strains Impact New Immigrants in Canada

A recent poll reveals that the majority of new immigrants in Canada found the cost of living higher than expected, highlighting a common challenge shared with the broader Canadian populace. The survey, conducted by Leger, indicates that 84% of immigrants who moved to Canada in the last decade find expenses “significantly” or “somewhat” more than anticipated, with only a mere 2% finding it cheaper than expected. This revelation is particularly concerning given that economic improvement was a major motive for many immigrants moving to Canada, alongside educational opportunities and family reunification.

Integration and Public Sentiment on Immigration

Despite the financial hurdles, the integration of immigrants into Canadian society seems relatively successful, with 82% of newcomers feeling welcomed and nearly three-quarters believing they are well-integrated. However, the poll also uncovers a growing tension between the expectations of cultural assimilation from the Canadian populace and the immigrants’ desire to maintain their cultural identities. While over half of the immigrant respondents feel it’s important to preserve their cultural and religious identities, only a quarter of the broader Canadian population supports this view, favoring assimilation and adoption of mainstream Canadian values instead.

Navigating Economic and Cultural Challenges

The survey findings suggest a complex scenario where both economic and cultural factors play significant roles in shaping the immigrant experience in Canada. As the country continues to welcome a large number of immigrants, balancing economic support with cultural integration will be crucial. Addressing these issues may require targeted policies to improve employment opportunities, credential recognition, and affordable housing, ensuring that Canada remains an attractive and supportive destination for new arrivals.