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Pre-Order Now: Hasbro’s ‘Life in Reterra’ Community (Re)Building Game Unveiled

Has introduced a novel community reconstruction game called Life in Reterra, now accessible for purchase. Set in a vibrant post-apocalyptic environment where the remnants of the past world serve as the building blocks for a new society, Life in Reterra offers players a captivating experience. With three distinct themed building sets readily available, participants are challenged to create their own communities by strategically laying tiles that depict various terrains, constructing buildings, and populating them with inhabitants.

Crafted from FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) paper and wood, along with trays made from 30% recycled plastic, Life in Reterra prioritizes eco-friendly practices in its production.

Key Features and Highlights of the Game:

  • Esteemed Collaboration: Life in Reterra is the outcome of a prestigious collaboration between acclaimed game designers and inventors Eric Lang and Ken Gruhl, in conjunction with Hasbro Gaming, a leading game developer globally, aiming to introduce a fresh and innovative gaming experience.
  • Distinctive Post-Apocalyptic Setting: In a world reclaimed by nature, players are tasked with reconstructing communities using remnants of the past to flourish in this immersive and contemporary narrative.
  • Accessible Strategic Gameplay: Offering a blend of simplicity and depth, this strategy game challenges players to strategically plan and develop their communities to maximize points.
  • Environmentally Sustainable Production: Emphasizing responsible resourcing, the game is crafted from sustainably sourced wood and paper, with the added feature of trays made from 30% recycled plastic.
  • FSC®-Certified Materials: The game materials are sourced from well-managed FSC®-certified forests, recycled materials, and other controlled sources, ensuring environmental responsibility.
  • Customization Options: Featuring high-quality components, players have the flexibility to create personalized sets by combining buildings and devising unique strategies, with convenient storage solutions.
  • Replay Value: With a rich storyline and setting, the game allows for future planning, expanded player capacity, new mechanics, and story extensions to enhance the enduring appeal of the gaming experience.

(Appropriate for ages 10 and above, designed for 2-4 players, available for $29.99)

Life in Reterra is a captivating community reconstruction game that envisions a world where the old has given way to the new. Players are challenged to forge their own communities using available resources, strategically laying tiles to depict diverse terrains, constructing buildings, and populating them with inhabitants. As communities thrive, players accumulate points, aided by building cards that unlock special powers to enhance their scores. The game offers the flexibility to customize sets of buildings for a fresh experience with each playthrough. Interaction with fellow players adds depth, with the ultimate goal of achieving the highest score. Featuring engaging storytelling, exquisite artwork, and endless variety, Life in Reterra is a delightful strategy game suitable for family gatherings, vacations, and makes an excellent gift for gamers and children aged 10 and above.