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Collaborative Quality of Life Enhancement Plan Led by Harambee Residents

The presentation of the Quality of Life plan in the Harambee neighborhood of Milwaukee was delivered by Theodore Lipscomb Sr., the executive director of Local Initiatives Support Corp., on February 29th. This plan, which mirrors the neighborhood’s collaborative ethos, has been crafted with input from over 250 residents, focusing on resident governance, community safety, housing, economic and community development, and neighborhood communication.

Initiated by LISC Milwaukee in 2021, the Harambee Quality of Life initiative appointed Riverworks Development Corp. as the primary agency responsible for overseeing the project. Encompassing the region between Capitol Drive and North Avenue from north to south, and Interstate 43 to Holton Street from west to east, the plan sets a strategic vision for the neighborhood.

Residents engaged in the initiative have established collective objectives for the upcoming five years, highlighting the significance of community involvement in shaping the neighborhood’s trajectory. The outlined strategies aim to boost homeownership opportunities, enhance safety measures, and encourage active community participation.

Travis Landry, the regional vice president of WestCare Wisconsin, co-chairs the steering committee for the Harambee Quality of Life plan, emphasizing the pivotal role of community engagement in decision-making processes. The plan’s holistic approach includes defined metrics of success and actionable strategies to realize its objectives, including the promotion of homeownership and the establishment of secure communal spaces.

Central to the initiative is the active engagement of community members, with the steering committee organizing virtual visioning sessions and community events to gather insights from residents. Presented in a 36-page booklet, the plan underscores the importance of effective communication, strategic partnerships, and collaboration with public officials.

Residents keen on participating in specialized work groups focusing on distinct priorities are encouraged to reach out to Ruth Weill, Riverworks’ community engagement coordinator, for further details. Supported by LISC and Wells Fargo, this initiative strives to empower residents to actively shape the future of their neighborhood through inclusive participation and community-led decision-making processes.