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Lessons from a Greenfield Resident: Sharing His Heart Disease Experience to Save Lives

Insight from Greenfield Resident on Heart Disease

In the United States, heart disease stands as the primary cause of mortality. Despite this grim statistic, a resident of Greenfield endeavors to impart a valuable lesson that could potentially rescue another individual’s life.

MILWAUKEE – February marks American Heart Month, drawing attention to the prevalent issue of heart disease in the nation. Amid this awareness campaign, one man aspires to share his narrative in the hope of making a life-saving impact on others.

With every step he takes and every breath he draws, Jim Ninko traverses his days with a newfound gratitude for life’s fragility.

Recalling his experience, Ninko expressed, “I was dealt a good card that day. You never know what’s going to happen.”

The turning point occurred in December while engaging in a game of pickleball at [Location]. The subsequent memory Ninko retains is awakening in a hospital bed, having suffered a heart attack that necessitated emergency bypass surgery.

Detailing the moment of crisis, Ninko recounted, “She says all of a sudden the paddle dropped out of your hand and you fell back and your head hit the floor.”

Reflecting on the critical juncture, Ninko acknowledged that providence favored him that day, surrounded by individuals well-versed in CPR who played a pivotal role in saving his life. However, such fortuitous circumstances do not always align.

Cardiac surgeon William Fischer from [Hospital Name] highlighted, “Out-of-hospital cardiac arrests like this only have about a 10% survival chance.”

During Ninko’s subsequent check-up on Tuesday, Feb. 6, his cardiac surgeon emphasized the paramount significance of timing. In Ninko’s case, the timely administration of CPR proved to be the decisive factor between life and death.

Fischer elaborated, pointing out the significance of maintaining an active lifestyle, undergoing routine medical evaluations, and above all, refraining from smoking. He emphasized the importance of heeding one’s body, particularly in instances of chest or neck discomfort, or numbness in the left arm.

Meanwhile, Ninko aims to motivate others to acquire CPR skills and anticipates a swift return to the pickleball court.

“Thank God for the pickleball players at [Location],” Ninko expressed gratefully.