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Seeking Equilibrium: Gragson’s Quest for Harmony in NASCAR and Beyond

Noah Gragson, aged 25, faced a tumultuous rookie Cup season in 2023 at Legacy Motor Club, encountering a suspension from NASCAR due to a violation of its code of conduct, followed by a subsequent reinstatement.

In a significant development in December, it was revealed that the Las Vegas native would be joining [Stewart Haas Racing] to compete full-time in the Cup Series, driving the No. 10 Fords starting from the 2024 season.

Gragson enters this year with a fresh team, new crew, and a new crew chief, Drew Blickensderfer, presenting a potential opportunity to jumpstart his Cup career.

Reflecting on his journey, Gragson emphasized the importance of balance in life, work, and relaxation. He highlighted the impact of his words, body language, and self-awareness in his role as a team leader, acknowledging the continuous process of learning and self-improvement.

Noah Gragson, Stewart Haas Racing, Rush Truck Centers Ford Mustang

Photo by: Gavin Baker / NKP /

Despite the challenges faced in the Cup series, Gragson’s talent and potential for a successful NASCAR career are evident. With two wins in the Truck Series and a second-place finish in the 2018 series standings, Gragson boasts an impressive record in the Xfinity Series, including 13 wins, 62 top-five, and 96 top-10 finishes in 135 starts.

Recognizing the collective effort behind a driver’s performance, Gragson expressed gratitude for the team supporting him both on and off the track, rekindling his passion for the sport and emphasizing the privilege of racing.

Joining Stewart Haas Racing at a pivotal juncture, Gragson’s arrival coincides with the team’s performance struggles in recent seasons. With a focus on improvement and teamwork, Gragson aims to contribute to the organization’s resurgence, especially as they prepare for the transition to the new ‘Dark Horse’ model Ford Mustang in collaboration with Ford Performance.

Acknowledging the challenges ahead, Gragson views the team’s collective effort and continuous improvement as crucial elements in achieving long-term success and revitalizing SHR’s performance on the track.