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Ghazal Alagh says Infosys, LinkedIn founders don’t believe in work-life balance. Here’s why

Ghazal Alagh said how founders of Infosys, LinkedIn, Netflix, “believe that work-life balance does not exist for people building businesses.”

Mamaearth’s Ghazal Alagh recently talked about her understanding of work-life balance. In her post, she mentioned how founders of , LinkedIn, , and “believe that work-life balance does not exist for people building businesses.” Then, she shared her own view of the concept.

Ghazal Alagh shared her thoughts on work life balance.
Ghazal Alagh shared her thoughts on work life balance.

“The work-life balance debate arises from misunderstanding what it really is. Instead of viewing it as a rigid concept, we need to recognise that work-life balance is created, not found. It’s a subjective term that varies based on one’s aspirations, priorities, and stage in life. What may seem like an ideal balance to one person could be completely off for another,” wrote Alagh in her post.

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She then added how it can vary from person to person. She said, “Some might choose to balance it on a day-to-day basis. Someone else can choose to balance over a week by stretching on weekdays and chilling on weekends. Others can choose to balance it over a decade, where they stretch for seven years and take a sabbatical for three years.” (Also Read: )

Take a look at her entire post here:

This post was shared a few hours ago. Since being posted, it has garnered close to 1,500 likes and numerous comments. Many people flocked to the comments section of the post and expressed their reactions.

Here’s how people reacted:

An individual wrote, “I completely agree that work-life balance is subjective and varies from person to person. For me, it’s about finding a rhythm that allows me to pursue my career goals while also prioritising my personal life and relationships. It’s not always easy, but being intentional and flexible helps me maintain a healthy balance.”

A second said, “What works for me is when I am able to work on whatever is needed on the professional front without missing out on personal needs like spending time with family…This priority-wise activity has come off late after many years of rigorous grilling for hours at a stretch. It’s about being sincere about work and personal priorities at the same time.”

“Work-life balance, to me, is three words that try to sound important. Reality is work, and (personal) life coexist. Like any balance, there will always be ‘give a little, take a little’ going on. Sometimes, work will take more focus, time, and energy, and at other times, personal life will. They cannot be compartmentalised,” posted a third.

A fourth shared, “Work-life balance is about defining what matters most to you at any given time. It’s not a rigid concept but rather subjective, varying from person to person. Whether it’s dedicating yourself to your career or prioritising personal pursuits and relationships, it’s about finding what works best for you.”