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Key High School Students Present Epic Musical ‘Les Miserables’ This Weekend

Students from Francis Scott Key and Century high schools, along with the elementary and middle schools that funnel into FSK, will be presenting the timeless musical “Les Miserables” in Carroll County this upcoming weekend and the following one.

Roberta Gore, the director and a teacher at FSK High, emphasized how the production symbolizes the unity of multiple school communities collaborating to stage an emotionally stirring live performance.

The decision to showcase [“Les Miserables”] was deliberate, as Gore recognized the talent, dedication, and strong work ethic prevalent among the students, essential for successfully executing such a challenging production. She highlighted the significance of engaging in high-quality performances to foster personal growth and achievement.

The musical’s orchestra comprises student musicians from both high schools, with Gore expressing gratitude towards the Sykesville school for their support in the production process.

Gore commended the orchestra members for their unwavering commitment as they provide continuous instrumental accompaniment throughout the majority of the show without any breaks, showcasing their resilience and musical prowess.

Over 94 students actively contribute to the production, including performers, orchestra members, and those involved in the technical aspects of the show’s design and creation.

Despite the demanding nature of “Les Miserables,” Gore praised the dedicated student cast for their hard work and perseverance during the extensive 4 12 months of rehearsals.

The musical, based on Victor Hugo’s epic novel set in 1830s France, revolves around the June Rebellion of 1832 in Paris, portraying profound themes of love, societal labels, and human resilience.

Gore expressed her hope that the audience would leave the show with a renewed sense of hope and faith in humanity, inspired by the students’ portrayal of courage and passion amidst revolutionary turmoil.

The students’ portrayal of multiple characters spanning different timelines within the narrative presented its own set of challenges, including quick costume changes and maintaining character consistency, which Gore acknowledged with enthusiasm.

Having previously directed “Les Miserables” at North Carroll High School, Gore cherished the opportunity to introduce the beloved production to a new group of students and school community before her eventual retirement.

The performances are scheduled for 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, as well as on April 26 and 27, at the high school located at 3825 Bark Hill Road, Union Bridge. Tickets priced at $10 can be conveniently purchased online.

Images from the rehearsals of Les Misérables at Francis Scott Key High School in Union Bridge depict the cast fully immersed in their roles, capturing the essence of this iconic musical production.