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From CHOP Patient to Research Assistant: A Life Saved, A Career Reborn

Kevin Eaise, a former pediatric patient who underwent brain surgery for a tumor, is now collaborating with the same doctor who conducted his operation years ago. His current focus involves conducting research on the very tumor that once posed a threat to his vision.

Eaise recalls experiencing double vision during a baseball game at the age of 10, which ultimately led to his prompt surgery at CHOP. Dr. Phillip Storm, the surgeon, recollects the urgent situation where Eaise was diagnosed with Tectal Glioma, a noncancerous growth located at his brain stem, causing an obstruction in spinal fluid flow.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Eaise’s journey took a positive turn. He currently serves as a clinical research assistant, working closely with Dr. Storm to engage with pediatric patients and their families, seeking consent for tumor research initiatives. This role allows him to share his personal story and offer support to families facing similar medical challenges.

Reflecting on his experiences, Eaise finds fulfillment in interacting with families, knowing that his insights and journey can potentially impact their decisions regarding research participation. Through his family’s foundation, nearly $1 million has been raised to support research efforts in the field. Additionally, Eaise has applied to medical school, eagerly awaiting the outcome while continuing his valuable contributions to the medical community.

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