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Innovative “Hike for a Cause” Event by Food for Life – Nepal

Food-for-Life Nepal (FFLN), an NGO committed to supporting underprivileged children and communities in Nepal, conducted a hiking program at Bishnudwar, Shivapuri National Park, Budhanilkantha on February 3, 2024. The event, themed “Hike For A Purpose, Climbing Hills, Nourishing Minds – Every Step You Take Supports a Child’s Education and Nourishment,” aimed to raise funds for children’s education and well-being.

The hike attracted 30 participants, including 20 men and 10 women from diverse backgrounds. Notably, two FFLN board members actively took part, demonstrating their dedication to the cause.

Saroj Acharya, the Executive Manager of FFLN, expressed his gratitude, stating, “The ‘Hike for a Purpose’ was more than just a trek; it showcased a strong sense of community spirit. Witnessing everyone come together to support our mission of nurturing young minds was truly heartening. This success motivates us to launch even more impactful initiatives in the future, making a lasting difference in children’s lives. A big thank you to all the participants for contributing towards combating children’s classroom hunger.”

During the hike, participants bonded over shared stories and laughter, knowing that each step they took was a step closer to their fundraising goal. The sense of achievement upon reaching the summit was not merely in conquering the hills but in collectively raising funds to support children’s education.

Reflecting on the experience, one participant remarked, “Hiking with a purpose was a profound experience. Knowing that each step mattered in children’s education made the journey truly meaningful. I am excited to join the next ‘Hike for a Purpose’ – a small effort for a significant change.”

Another participant shared, “Among all the hikes I’ve been on, the ‘Hike for a Purpose’ was exceptional. The shared commitment to FFLN’s cause created a special bond among us. It’s inspiring to think that our steps are shaping a brighter future for children. Count me in for the next purpose-driven adventure!”

A third participant added, “Participating in the ‘Hike for a Purpose’ was not just a physical endeavor but a journey of the heart. Knowing that each step supported a child’s education filled the hike with purpose. I look forward to more impactful hikes ahead.”

For the participants, the event symbolized resilience and the capacity to transform challenges into opportunities. Encouraged by the event’s success, Food for Life Nepal plans to organize more “Hike for a Purpose” initiatives, inviting the community to join hands in this noble cause. So, gear up, embrace the spirit of adventure, and prepare to climb both physical and metaphorical mountains for the betterment of children’s lives. Together, through incremental steps, we can create a meaningful impact.