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Felicity Huffman Reveals Transformation Post College Admissions Scandal

“I enter the room carrying it. I took part in it. The color scheme is black and white,” expressed the actress, who spent 11 days in prison due to her connection to the controversy known as Operation Varsity Blues.

Reflecting on the aftermath, the 61-year-old actress shared her struggles in the entertainment industry post-scandal, stating that it feels as though her “previous life ceased to exist” in its aftermath.

“I walk into the room carrying it. I took part in it. The color scheme is black and white,” confessed Huffman, acknowledging her role in the scandal.

Recalling a recent experience, she mentioned, “I recently filmed a pilot for ABC that wasn’t picked up. It has been challenging. It feels like your former life is gone, and you are gone along with it. I am fortunate to have a supportive family, love, and resources, so I had a place to land.”

When questioned about her current well-being, the Desperate Housewives star responded, “How I am doing is quite a complex question. As long as my children and husband are healthy, I feel like I am in a good place.”

Huffman, who is a mother to daughters Sophia, 23, and Georgia, 21, with her husband, added, “I am thankful for being present. But how am I? I suppose I am still processing.”

In March 2019, a total of 50 individuals, including Huffman and another actress, were charged for engaging with mastermind William “Rick” Singer to secure illicit advantages for their children’s admission into prestigious universities. The accusations ranged from bribing college officials to facilitate exam cheating to falsifying athletic credentials and using charities to conceal illegal payments.

Huffman was implicated in a plot to manipulate SAT scores by paying $15,000 to a service to enhance her daughter Sophia’s test results. She pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges, resulting in a two-year prison sentence. Huffman served a brief 11-day term in October 2019, followed by one year of supervised release, which included 250 hours of community service.

Breaking her silence on the matter in December, Huffman disclosed the circumstances that led to her involvement and the reasons behind her extreme actions to secure her daughter’s admission to a prestigious university.

Reflecting on her past decisions, the Oscar nominee expressed deep regret for her conduct.

“I felt compelled to provide my daughter with a chance for a successful future,” she shared with ABC-7. “It was about securing my daughter’s future, which led me to break the law.”

Huffman revealed that Singer convinced her that Sophia wouldn’t gain admission to any desired colleges based on merit alone.

“After a period, he began to assert that your daughter won’t gain acceptance into any of the colleges she desires,” Huffman recounted. “I trusted him. When he gradually introduced the illicit scheme, despite seeming absurd at the time, it felt like my sole option to secure my daughter’s future. Hindsight is clear, but it felt like I would be failing as a mother if I didn’t proceed. So, I did it.”

Months later, the FBI’s intervention left Huffman stunned, initially perceiving it as a prank.

“They entered my residence. They woke my daughters at gunpoint. Sadly, nothing unfamiliar to the Black and brown communities,” Huffman acknowledged, recognizing her privilege. “They restrained me with handcuffs and informed me that I was under arrest. I requested permission to dress.”

“At first, I thought it was a prank,” she confessed. “I actually turned to one of the FBI agents, clad in a flak jacket with a firearm, and asked, ‘Is this a joke?’”

Expressing remorse for her actions, Huffman acknowledged her debt and offered an apology to the academic community, students, and families who diligently strive for legitimate achievements.