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Brooklyn pimp receives life sentence for murdering and dismembering woman

The boyfriend of a woman in 2017, a Brooklyn pimp who coerced her into prostitution, was sentenced to life in Brooklyn Federal Court on Friday, bringing a sense of closure to her family.

Leondra Foster, 32, met a tragic end in January 2017 when she was brutally murdered by Somorie Moses, 47. Moses dismembered her body into nine pieces using a knife and a saw, then stored her remains at various locations, including a Bronx waste transfer station and his Flatbush residence. The horrific details of the crime were revealed during the emotional court hearing, attended by nearly two dozen of Foster’s relatives and supporters, many wearing t-shirts bearing her image.

The legal proceedings surrounding Foster’s death were complex and spanned several years. Initially convicted of criminally negligent homicide and concealment of a corpse in 2019, Moses faced further charges in 2022 after new evidence linked him to Foster’s murder and a sex trafficking operation involving multiple victims. In a significant development, Moses pleaded guilty to the sex trafficking charges and Foster’s murder, marking the first application of a federal law targeting murder in the context of sex trafficking.

During the court session, Foster’s sister, Shanicqua Figueroa, shared poignant memories of her beloved sibling, highlighting her kind-hearted nature and the profound impact of her loss on the family. The emotional toll of the tragedy was evident as family members struggled to contain their grief, with some leaving the courtroom overcome with emotion.

In a powerful statement directed at Moses, Foster’s mother, Sandra Figueroa, expressed the unbearable pain inflicted on their family by his heinous actions. The courtroom also heard testimonies from other victims of Moses, detailing the cycle of abuse and exploitation they endured at his hands.

Despite attempts by Moses’ defense to portray him as a product of a troubled past, including experiences of violence and abuse, the prosecution underscored the lack of remorse or accountability displayed by the defendant. Assistant United States Attorney Jonathan Siegel emphasized the resilience of Moses’ victims and the lasting trauma they endured, painting a vivid picture of the profound impact of his crimes.

Ultimately, Judge Carol Bagley Amon delivered a resounding verdict, condemning Moses as a “predator” and sentencing him to 10 life terms to be served concurrently. The announcement of the sentence brought a sense of relief and closure to Foster’s family, who had long awaited justice for their beloved Leondra.

As the family members embraced each other outside the courtroom, there was a palpable sense of gratitude that justice had been served, though they acknowledged that the scars of the past would continue to affect them. Shanicqua Figueroa expressed a mix of emotions, relieved that the legal battle was over yet mindful of the enduring impact of their loss.