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Kansas City Royals’ Strong Start: Eric Hosmer’s Podcast Reflections

In the two months following his retirement, Eric Hosmer, the former World Series champion, expressed that he is still in the process of adapting to life after baseball.

“I’m really getting the hang of this retirement gig,” Hosmer shared in an exclusive interview with Fastball on Tuesday. “I wake up each day without a clear plan of what to do.”

However, Hosmer remains actively engaged in various endeavors. Teaming up with Anthony Seratelli, a former teammate from the minor league system, they collaborated on [ppp1]. One notable project of the company is the [ppp2], which is spearheaded by Seratelli and hosted by Hosmer, along with MLB reliever Peter Moylan and process & development coach Justin Su’a.

Reflecting on his transition, Hosmer highlighted how his past experiences as a player have smoothly paved the way for his second career phase.

“As my playing days winded down, I found joy in mentoring younger players, guiding them not only on-field matters but also off-field challenges,” shared Hosmer. “Now that my playing career has concluded, I wanted to expand on that aspect.”

Seratelli, who ventured into the media industry post his retirement in 2016 due to injuries, commended how seamlessly Hosmer has navigated this new chapter.

“Reconnecting for this venture has been incredible,” Seratelli remarked. “He has fully embraced it and is excelling. His charisma shines through, making the content engaging for viewers.”

Both former athletes acknowledged that one of the toughest adjustments post-retirement is the absence of the camaraderie found in the clubhouse. To recreate a similar atmosphere, they have assembled a team at MoonBall Media.

Among the initial guests on Diggin’ Deep are former players like Jon Jay, Manny Machado, and manager Ron Washington. Hosmer also had the opportunity to converse with Royals shortstop Bobby Witt Jr., who has had a stellar start in 2024.

Given his history of playing seven seasons with the Royals, Hosmer is particularly invested in the team’s commitment to building a competitive roster around young talents like Witt.

“It’s truly exciting to witness the team’s efforts in nurturing homegrown talent while also seeking to bolster the roster with established players,” expressed Hosmer.

Having secured four Gold Gloves, a Silver Slugger, and a World Series victory with the Royals, Hosmer’s impact during his tenure is undeniable. Similarly, Seratelli, who spent seven years in Kansas City’s farm system, appreciates the organization’s focus on developing a strong core of homegrown players.

As the Royals enjoy a strong start to the season, Hosmer maintains a keen interest in other teams as well, having played for the Padres and briefly with other clubs in 2022 and 2023. Despite the evolution of his relationship with these teams, Hosmer remains connected, often following their games closely.

By immersing himself in athlete-owned media, Hosmer has found a new platform to stay connected to his passion in a refreshing manner.

“Players have traditionally been cautious about sharing certain insights, fearing distractions or controversies,” noted Hosmer. “However, there’s a shift towards fans appreciating the players’ perspectives and the players feeling more at ease discussing various topics.”