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The Crucial Role of Elections in Shaping Our Society

If you have not yet voted, the March 5 Primary Election, known as “Super Tuesday,” is fast approaching. This day is significant as it marks when the largest number of states (16) hold their primary elections and caucuses. On this date, over a third of the total Republican delegates (874 GOP national delegates) will be chosen and mostly pledged to a presidential candidate. The Democrats also follow a similar process in selecting their nominee through state primaries and caucuses on “Super Tuesday.” The outcomes of this crucial day will provide valuable insights into the candidates for the November elections.

For voting information such as locations and sample ballots, the Denton County elections website is the go-to resource. Early Voting is available at any of the county’s 50 sites before Election Day. However, on Election Day, in-person voters must visit their assigned polling site based on their voter precinct. On “Super Tuesday,” there will be 85 sites designated for both the Democrats and the Republicans. To find your voter precinct number and polling site for Election Day, you can visit the website.

Following the closing of the polls, precinct meetings will be held for both parties at the voting sites. During these meetings, delegates will be selected for the next level of convention (Senate District 30 or 12) to build the Party platform (GOP). The Precinct Conventions for those who voted in the 2024 Republican Primary will take place on Saturday, March 23. The Denton County Republican Party will soon announce the locations for these events.

For Democrats, the Precinct Conventions will be held on March 23 at the Horizon Unitarian Church in Carrollton, where those who voted in the 2024 Democrat Primary are invited to participate.

Elections are fundamental to the fabric of our nation, dating back to the first U.S. presidential election held from December 15, 1788, to January 7, 1789, following the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. The Electoral College system, involving 538 electors based on congressional representation, plays a crucial role in electing the President and Vice President.

This year’s elections will include voting for various positions and propositions. In the Denton County Republican Primary, there are 82 elected positions with 170 candidates and 13 Propositions. Meanwhile, in the Denton County Democratic Primary, 55 individuals are vying for 24 positions. To win without a runoff, a candidate must secure a majority of votes. The Primary Runoff Election is scheduled for May 28th, allowing voters to participate in their respective party’s runoff.

Voters with special needs in Denton County can utilize the Hart InterCivic Verity Touch Writer with Access voting unit at all polling locations. This ADA-compliant system caters to voters who are visually impaired or have limited dexterity, ensuring accessibility during the voting process.

In Denton County, facilitating easy access to voting for all residents is a top priority. All registered voters are encouraged to exercise their right to self-governance!

Precinct 4 County Commissioner Dianne Edmondson can be reached via email or phone at 972-434-3960. Her office is located at the Southwest Courthouse, 6200 Canyon Falls Drive, Suite 900, Flower Mound. To receive her e-newsletter, simply request it via email.