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Dr. Charles Barbera Appointed to Gift of Life Donor Program’s Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Charles Barbera Joins Renowned Organ Donation Advisory Board

Dr. Charles F. Barbera, with a wealth of experience in healthcare leadership, has been appointed to the Medical Advisory and Policy Board of the Gift of Life Donor Program. Starting his one-year term on January 1, 2024, Dr. Barbera brings his extensive healthcare system knowledge to one of the leading organ procurement organizations in the U.S., renowned for coordinating the most organ donations nationwide since the national donation system’s inception in 1988.

A Commitment to Enhancing Organ Donation Awareness

Gift of Life Donor Program, together with partners like Reading Hospital and Tower Health, actively promotes organ and tissue donation awareness, crucially addressing the urgent need highlighted by the daily average of 17 Americans dying while waiting for transplants. The partnership emphasizes the importance of registration as organ donors, a simple yet profound action that can be completed online. Last year, Tower Health hospitals received commendation for their efforts in promoting donation, earning third place in an awards ceremony by the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP).

Dr. Barbera’s Vision for Advancement in Organ Donation

Expressing honor and readiness for his new role, Dr. Barbera is eager to leverage his position to foster significant advancements in patient care and health provider support through enhanced organ donation practices. His rich background includes serving on several prestigious boards and in leadership roles that align closely with his new responsibilities at the Gift of Life Donor Program, underscoring his dedication to medical excellence and community health advocacy.