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Revitalization Pledged by Downtown Lansing Inc. in City Center

Downtown Lansing’s Future Outlook

Visitors exploring Downtown Lansing in the coming years can anticipate a surge in activities, enhanced nightlife, and expanded residential options. This optimistic projection was highlighted by Downtown Lansing, Inc. (DLI), a collaborative entity dedicated to revitalizing the city center.

Kathleen Edgerly, the esteemed executive director of DLI, shared this vision during the recent “State of Downtown Lansing” presentation at the Atrium Building, attended by a diverse audience comprising business luminaries, policymakers, and community members.

City officials have reported a positive trajectory for Downtown Lansing, overcoming challenges such as post-pandemic vacancies, business relocations, and subdued nightlife. As the region transitions into a post-pandemic era, DLI and municipal authorities are actively engaged in reigniting the urban core by reinstating the vitality that waned during the pandemic-induced lull.

The community is abuzz with anticipation regarding these rejuvenation efforts. Local entrepreneur Danielle Hastings, proprietor of Sylvia’s Sudsery, expressed enthusiasm, emphasizing the opportunity to foster closer community ties through her upcoming cosmetics and personal care shop set to debut in May.

Hastings acknowledged the pivotal role of DLI in supporting businesses like hers, having availed a portion of the $1.8 million in grants disbursed over the past year. This financial boost enabled her to procure equipment for soapmaking, resulting in a remarkable production output and a promising business outlook.

DLI’s strategic agenda includes ramping up funding initiatives to attract businesses and visitors back to downtown Lansing. The organization envisions a landscape replete with enhanced entertainment venues, vibrant communal spaces fostering a sense of belonging, and a welcoming environment for all.

The city’s proactive stance is evidenced by ongoing projects like the Ovation Center, an upcoming municipal entertainment hub, alongside successful ventures such as the “Middle Village” micro market and the thriving Grewal Hall live music venue.

Mayor Andy Schor articulated his aspiration for downtown Lansing to not only offer a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors but also to entice them to consider relocating to the area. Emphasizing the evolving landscape, he underscored the shift towards housing developments, signaling a robust resurgence post-pandemic.

Realizing the vision of a bustling downtown community necessitates substantial investment. DLI is diligently pursuing a minimum of $10 million in state funding to bolster these revitalization endeavors.

Hastings, echoing the community’s sentiments, envisions downtown Lansing evolving into a vibrant hub, fostering growth, exploration, and a sense of wonder among residents and visitors alike.

City officials have reported a palpable resurgence in downtown nightlife, characterized by extended business hours and a diverse array of events such as the Capitol City Film Festival, signaling a promising trajectory for Downtown Lansing’s revival.