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Flag-raising Ceremony Honors Organ Donors by Donate Life and Southwest Transplant Alliance

In Wichita Falls, a poignant tribute was paid to the altruism of organ donors and their life-saving contributions by Donate Life Texas and Southwest Transplant Alliance through a solemn flag-raising ceremony marking the commencement of National Donate Life Month.

The ceremony united families, transplant recipients, and community members in honoring the benevolence of organ donors and in spreading awareness about the significance of organ donation.

A local family in Wichita Falls experienced firsthand the critical nature of organ donation during their son’s battle with a failing heart.

Bonnie Bolin, the mother of an organ recipient, shared, “We were faced with two choices – either our son would enter hospice care, or he would be added to the heart transplant waiting list.”

Recalling the agonizing three-month period of anticipation, Bolin recounted the pivotal moment when they finally received the life-saving call on Thanksgiving Day of 2020.

“My son was given a new lease on life,” she expressed gratefully.

Today, Bolin’s son embraces a future brimming with hope and possibilities, all made possible by the selfless gift of a donor’s heart.

“He has transformed from a frail, pale child struggling to breathe and in constant chest pain to a vibrant, energetic youngster,” she shared as her husband held their lively toddler. “He now runs, walks, talks, and exudes joy – a true testament to his resilience. We are profoundly thankful for everything he has overcome.”

As the flag ascended, it bore the names of individuals who had generously bestowed their organs, granting a lifeline to those in need. Among these donors was Rebecca Myles’ sister.

Myles reflected, “Through her passing, my sister was able to bestow the gift of life upon many by donating her liver, kidneys, lungs, corneas, and other tissues.”

Janna Lee, the Southwest Alliance Transplant Hospital Services Coordinator, shed light on the far-reaching impact of organ donations, emphasizing the staggering number of individuals awaiting transplants.

“Annually, we hold this event to raise awareness for organ donation and the 100,000 individuals on the national transplant waiting list, including 10,000 in Texas alone,” Lee highlighted.

For those contemplating the significance of becoming a donor, it is vital to recognize that a single act of generosity through organ donation can potentially save up to eight lives, restore sight through cornea donations, and enhance the lives of 75 individuals or more through tissue donation.

In just a few moments, one can offer the gift of a lifetime – a second chance at life.

To register as a donor, individuals can do so during their driver’s license or license plate renewal.