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Celebrating Dr. Robert Werra’s Legacy: A Commemorative Event for the Founder of Hospice of Ukiah

Throughout the past three decades, the name Dr. Robert “Bob” Werra has been synonymous with compassion, dedication, and community spirit in Ukiah and beyond. As the founding medical director of Hospice of Ukiah, Dr. Werra’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional end-of-life care has touched the lives of countless individuals and families. His passing in June of 2023 was not only a loss for the medical community but also a poignant moment for the entire community of Ukiah, who cherished his presence and contributions.

Dr. Robert Werra

An Icon in Ukiah’s Medical Landscape

Dr. Werra’s impact extended far beyond the walls of his medical practice. He was deeply involved in community initiatives and was known for his empathetic approach to patient care. His dedication to Hospice of Ukiah, an organization he founded 42 years ago, exemplified his commitment to ensuring that individuals facing life-limiting illnesses received the support and comfort they deserved during their final journey. Dr. Werra’s legacy as a compassionate healer and advocate for quality end-of-life care continues to inspire those who had the privilege of knowing him.


Remembering Dr. Werra’s Passion for Photography

In addition to his medical expertise, Dr. Werra had a lesser-known passion for photography. His love for capturing moments of beauty and everyday life through the lens of a camera was a reflection of his deep appreciation for the world around him. The upcoming “Doc’s Shots” fundraiser, organized by Hospice of Ukiah in collaboration with Medium Gallery and the Werra family, aims to celebrate Dr. Werra’s artistic talents and raise funds to support the vital work of Hospice of Ukiah.

Marine life

Capturing Memories, Supporting a Cause

At the heart of the “Doc’s Shots” event lies a curated exhibition of Dr. Werra’s photographs, offering attendees a glimpse into his artistic vision and the places he cherished. From breathtaking landscapes to intimate portraits, each photograph tells a story and serves as a testament to Dr. Werra’s creativity and passion for life. As guests explore the exhibition, they will have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to Hospice of Ukiah, ensuring that Dr. Werra’s legacy of compassion and care continues to shine bright in the community he loved.