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Clay County, Mo. Sees Record Life-Saving Year Thanks to Dispatchers and K-9 Units

CLAY CO., Missouri (KCTV) – In 2023, the dispatchers at the Clay County Sheriff’s Office surpassed national benchmarks, with K-9 units playing a crucial role in saving numerous residents and aiding in the apprehension of individuals involved in child exploitation.

On April 12, the Sheriff’s Office announced the release of the 2023 annual report, highlighting the exceptional performance of the dispatchers and the significant contributions of the K-9 units. The report revealed that dispatchers achieved an impressive 98.8% response rate to 911 calls within 15 seconds, surpassing the national standard of 90%. Additionally, the dispatchers extended their services to the city of Kearney and various fire districts.

The K-9 teams conducted close to 280 drug searches throughout the year, resulting in the discovery of 85 grams of fentanyl, a quantity potent enough to cause harm to 42,500 individuals. In addition to fentanyl, the K-9 units located nearly 2 pounds of methamphetamine and successfully apprehended 35 suspects who were evading law enforcement.

Despite the inherent risks associated with detecting fentanyl, the report clarified that the K-9 units are primarily trained to detect opiates and other narcotics, suggesting that the seized drugs may have been adulterated with other substances.

Furthermore, the Sheriff’s Office highlighted their collaboration with Homeland Security in apprehending four individuals in 2023 who intended to engage in illicit activities with minors during the NFL Draft period. These individuals, originating from states spanning from Oregon to New Jersey, were intercepted by investigators after attempting to meet individuals they believed to be minors, emphasizing the successful prevention of potential harm to vulnerable individuals.

The report also outlined the proactive measures taken by the Sheriff’s Office in addressing drug-related activities, including the closure of five properties associated with drug offenses and the arrest of six drug dealers, one of whom operated in close proximity to an elementary school, resulting in additional charges.

In terms of law enforcement operations, the report detailed a total of 1,346 arrests that led to case resolutions in 2023, with 552 cases being closed or resolved. However, 308 cases from the same year remain open and under investigation.

Moreover, the implementation of an expedited hiring process in February significantly streamlined recruitment efforts, culminating in 48 new hires following 278 applications and 157 interviews.

Regarding the inmate population, the report indicated that the average daily count in the jail stood at around 250 individuals, with 4,360 bookings recorded in 2023 compared to 5,194 the previous year. Similarly, 4,344 inmates were released in 2023, a decrease from 5,129 in the preceding year.

Additionally, the report provided insights into the issuance of permits by the Concealed Carry Weapons Office, with over 390 new permits issued and 358 permits renewed, totaling 748 concealed carry permits issued in 2023.

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