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Conceptualising inquisitive summer vacation activities

Children love vacations and yearn for a break from studies to get into the larger world to learn a lot more things.

New Delhi: Children love vacations and yearn for a break from studies to get into the larger world to learn a lot more things. Hence, vacations need to be productive and here is where parents can help by devising and conceptualising inquisitive activities that kids like and learn from. Summer camps provide a great opportunity for kids to try new activities, develop confidence, teamwork and leadership skills, physical fitness and make lifelong memories as outlined by , Trustee, Greenwood High International School.

Building a routine for children

Ensure that the kids have a schedule, especially during the holidays, and that they have something to look forward to each day. Lack of routine could lead to the development of habits that are not conducive to learning, Children could wake every day with the excitement that they will learn things they haven’t before. A new day every day Is highly fulfilling for them.

The Need to Learn Multiple Skills

Parents’ hectic work schedule and the active school life of kids may not allow them to focus on other skills and parents may not find the time to teach crucial life skills to their kids during the academic calendar. Learning skills other than routine work will help students handle the larger world better. Hence summer holidays assume great importance as both children and teachers can spare time for learning things other than academics.

Striking a balance between Home and Outside

Children should realise that life can be diverse and heterogeneous and that they need not remain staid. Sometimes children would stick to just one kind of task which may stunt their growth. Hence, they need to be active both within and outside their homes and balancing their activities would help in their intellectual growth and make them more confident individuals. Too much of either would result in the growth of a unidimensional personality.

Encouraging children to be creative

Encourage your kids to express their creativity by enrolling them in a local art or craft class where they can freely paint, draw, and make things. They will be able to think logically and express their creativity while being engaged in art classes. Enroll your kids in music lessons so they can learn how to play an instrument, sing, or even write songs on their own.

Participating in social work

Volunteering is a great way for kids to give back to their community, develop empathy and compassion, and learn about social issues. They can also get to know the skills involved in social work and replicate the same, which will help them in the future. Look for opportunities at local food banks, animal shelters, or charity organizations.

Learning hobbies will widen horizons

Training in certain activities would help in developing a consistent approach to one’s outlook. There’s also a hobby you’ve always wanted to do and summer vacation can be a perfect time to learn new ones. Children can take summer classes to clear their concepts on a variety of subjects, which will give them a head start and enable them to develop an interest in the subjects they find interesting.

How learning a language matters

During the language learning process, you will explore a whole different culture and maybe even make new friends who are also learning the same language. In the current scenario, communication skills are extremely important and learning a new language during your free time would enrich you. You can try to find something that you have always wanted to try – you can join organized classes, e-learning, or watch videos and self-study language or similar other domains. This opens a whole new world.

Set technology boundaries

While technology can be a great tool for learning, it can also be addictive and detrimental to kids’ mental and physical health. Thus, there is an immediate need to teach technology to children in a healthy way. Set boundaries on screen time and encourage your kids to engage in other productive activities.

In conclusion, it can be said that the best way to help children spend a productive summer is by finding out new things to learn. This creates excitement and the will to learn. A healthy balance between a variety of activities to engage in is necessary to assist children in whatever activity they prefer as well as in discovering new interests. This will go a long way in ensuring the holistic development of children and a fruitful and productive summer time, concludes Niru Agarwal.