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Conan Gray’s Epiphany: The Turning Point Towards Embracing Life

Last week, the artist unveiled his dynamic third album Found Heaven, and just prior to that, he sat down for a discussion ranging from his first experience of falling in love to collaborating with Max Martin to capture that sentiment in his music.

Gray expressed how profoundly this personal experience influenced his creative process, emphasizing that the album encapsulates a range of emotional highs and lows.

The inception of the album dates back to his Superache Tour almost two years ago. Gray reminisces about retreating to the basement after each show, where he would often find a piano and discover the various themes he would later incorporate into his music.

Subsequently, he enlisted the expertise of the MXM songwriting and production team comprising Max Martin, ILYA, and Oscar Holter to further develop these themes. Gray credits them with broadening his artistic horizons and encouraging him to explore different facets of his identity. He remarked, “They encouraged me to experiment with all aspects of myself… They motivated me to create a comprehensive representation of who I am.”

While Found Heaven features energetic power-pop anthems like “Never Ending Song” and “Lonely Dancers,” it also includes more introspective tracks such as “Forever With Me,” the closing song “Winner,” and the standout piece “Alley Rose.” Gray explained his approach to “Alley Rose,” highlighting the importance of tailoring his vocal delivery to suit the emotional essence of each song. He expressed gratitude for the creative freedom to explore diverse musical styles within the album.

Gray candidly shared that the album was inspired by a profound romantic relationship, as well as the subsequent heartbreak he endured. Despite the pain of a sudden breakup upon arriving in London for a rendezvous, Gray reflects on the transformative journey surrounding Found Heaven with no regrets. He finds solace in a necklace featuring a star-shaped pendant inside a teardrop, symbolizing acceptance of life’s bittersweet moments.

Reflecting on his past struggles with fear and rejection, Gray emphasized the importance of embracing life’s challenges. The star-shaped necklace served as a constant reminder throughout the album’s creation process to seize every opportunity for growth and experience.