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Statesboro’s Relay For Life Event: Community Unites Against Cancer

On the night of Friday, April 19th, Statesboro once again shone with the spirit of hope and unity during its annual Relay For Life event. This significant gathering, recognized as the world’s most extensive volunteer-based fundraising initiative, attracted individuals from diverse backgrounds to pay tribute to loved ones, stand in solidarity with survivors, and champion innovative cancer research.

For more than 36 years, Relay For Life has stood as a symbol of unity, uniting communities globally to honor those impacted by cancer, applaud survivors, and advocate for life-saving advancements. In Statesboro, this tradition holds a profound meaning, symbolizing the resilience and unity of our local residents.

The essence of Relay For Life lies in the symbolic gesture of participants taking turns circling a track adorned with luminaria bags, each symbolizing a tale of bravery and persistence.

A poignant moment of the event is the opening lap, where survivors, including members of the Georgia Southern Eagles Football and Cheer Team, lead the procession, accompanied by caregivers and family members.

This year’s successful Relay For Life event was made achievable through the generous backing of various local sponsors and businesses such as RE/MAX, East Georgia Regional Medical Center, Metter Ford, Southern Chiropractic, and others. For instance, RE/MAX facilitated the survivors’ tent, offering a sanctuary for individuals battling cancer and their support systems.

The event featured the presence of Lori Wiggins outside the RE/MAX survivors tent.

The event surpassed its fundraising target of $50,000, thanks to the support from sponsors, Relay for Life teams, and individual contributions, showcasing the community’s commitment to combating cancer collectively. Each donation aids in pioneering cancer research, patient care initiatives, and community programs in areas like Statesboro.

Attendees displayed their support by walking alongside survivors, providing words of encouragement, and interacting with various vendors. Groups like the Georgia Southern ROTC and EGRMC added to the lively atmosphere by organizing activities like a raffle and a tie-dye station. The Saucy Shrimp Food Truck, representing #SaucyStrong, also participated in the event.

Moreover, numerous families of survivors attended, further strengthening the sense of unity and encouragement.

Maurice Jackson was present with his son and other family members.

Lynn Hendrix, Riley Hendrix, and Jessie Faircloth showcased their 29 and 5-year survivorship, respectively.

Jessica DeLaigle marked her first year as a survivor alongside her friend Kelly Jordan, who celebrated her second year as a survivor. Together with their mothers and daughters, they participated in Relay for Life for the first time.

Lori Wiggins, a 15-year survivor and dedicated volunteer for 18 years, highlighted the emotional significance of the event in honoring lost loved ones and supporting those still battling cancer. For Lori, Relay For Life transcends fundraising, representing a deeply personal journey of remembrance and resilience.

Lori was publicly acknowledged and appreciated at the event for her service and fundraising efforts. She was accompanied by her husband, who participated as the dunkee in the sink tank.

Statesboro’s Relay For Life epitomizes the communal strength and empathy, providing hope and motivation in the fight against cancer as we progress towards a future free from the shadows of this disease.