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Crafting Generational Milk Production: Embracing Coastal Life on the Family Farm

SAUCIER, Miss. (WLOX) – A third-generation dairy farm, Green Acres Creamery, offers a unique glimpse into a lifestyle that many may not experience firsthand. April Bond, deeply rooted in this way of life, emphasizes that farming is not just a means of making a living but a profound way of life passed down through generations. Her family’s dairy legacy, originating in the 1950s with her grandfather and continued by her father, now thrives on 150 acres of land in Harrison County, just off Highway 53.

April Bond’s journey into dairy farming took a transformative turn when she expressed her desire to open a creamery to her father and husband. Initially met with skepticism, her vision has since flourished. The farm now processes milk onsite, with a portion transformed into delectable ice cream, and all-natural dairy products are retailed at the farm store, witnessing remarkable success with frequent sell-outs.

At Green Acres Creamery, the labor of producing milk is a collaborative family effort. April and her husband, Kevin Bond, work tirelessly together, tending to the cows round the clock, regardless of weather conditions or other commitments. The responsibility is relentless, as the cows rely on their care and attention for their well-being.

The farm not only sustains the Bonds but also nurtures the growth of their children, who actively participate in farm activities. Their son assists in milking the cows, while their daughter engages in selling milk at the farm store, fostering a deep familial bond through shared experiences.

Recognizing the disconnect between modern consumers and the sources of their food, the Bonds have opened their farm to school field trips, offering children the opportunity to interact with the animals and organizing farm events in the autumn. Through these initiatives, they aim to educate the younger generation about the origins of milk and the essence of farm life, which was once commonplace knowledge but has become increasingly distant in today’s society.

The heartfelt satisfaction derived from their work is evident in the smiles of children discovering the farm and the gratitude of individuals who can once again enjoy milk due to the farm’s unique pasteurization process. Despite the challenges and doubts that may arise, the Bonds find fulfillment in knowing that their efforts have a meaningful impact on others’ lives.

Looking ahead, April and Kevin envision a future where Green Acres Creamery continues to thrive, offering quality milk for generations to come. Their dedication stems from a desire to create a lasting legacy for their children and to preserve the rich tradition of dairy farming that defines their way of life.

Alongside the farm store, Green Acres Creamery’s milk is available at select locally-owned stores in the vicinity, while the delectable ice cream remains exclusively sold at the farm itself.

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