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Chicago Ensemble Revives Music of Holocaust Victims at Unique Cultural Event

Preserving Historical Voices Through Music

The Chicago-based Black Oak Ensemble is set to perform a poignant program featuring the compositions of Holocaust victims, including Czech composer Hans Krása, at Artifact Events in Ravenswood on March 24. This performance is part of a broader effort to bring the lost or “Silenced Voices” of Jewish composers from the Holocaust era back to life. These composers, despite facing unimaginable adversities in concentration camps, continued to create music, demonstrating an extraordinary commitment to their art under dire circumstances.

A Multisensory Tribute to Resilience and Creativity

This multisensory event, organized by Rendezvous Arts, combines the haunting melodies composed during one of history’s darkest periods with vibrant visual art. Painter Kevin Lahvic, known for his humorous and uplifting interpretations of the human condition, will complement the music with his colorful artwork, creating a juxtaposition that underscores the complexity of human emotions in the face of suffering. The event not only honors the legacy of these composers but also reflects on the resilience of the human spirit to find beauty and expression amidst tragedy.

A picture of a colorful painting by Kevin Lahvic. Pictured is his work titled “Crusaders of Love,” mixed media on canvas.
Kevin Lahvic’s colorful artwork, which he says is is known for “uplifting themes and humorous takes on the human condition,” will be featured at a concert this week by the Black Oak Ensemble. Pictured is his work titled “Crusaders of Love,” mixed media on canvas. Courtesy of Kevin Lahvic

Building Bridges Through Art and Music

The upcoming concert is part of Rendezvous Arts’ broader mission to integrate different forms of art and provide a platform for local musicians and artists, rejuvenating the community’s cultural scene especially after the disbandment of the Lake Forest Symphony. By presenting these works in a setting that encourages audience interaction with the performers and artists, Rendezvous Arts aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of both the music and visual art, enhancing the community’s engagement with cultural history and contemporary artistic expression.